[OFFICIAL] Allround Tournament - 21.08.22 - 20:00 CEST



:cfp: Hi all! This tournament will be 6 players FFA. There is a twist - each round will have random modules, randomly generated before the tournament.

:cfp: Game settings

  • 6 players FFA.
  • Level 48 account needed.
  • Powers are chosen for each round, please see on schedule.
  • Pickups off.
  • Turrets off.
  • Unranked rooms.

:boom: General Rules

  • Both powers must be equipped even if you don’t use them.
  • Powers must be equipped in the same order as shown/written on the schedule.

If the schedule says/shows hide self and speedy, then hide self will be on top slot and speedy will be equipped on bottom slot.

  • Alternate powers are provided but can only be used if you haven’t unlocked the required powers. The alternate power used, if needed, must match the power it’s replacing. You cannot use an alternate power that was meant for the back to replace the required front power that you don’t have.
  • If you have alternate accounts, you must use the account with the most powers unlocked.
  • As mentioned above, your account must be level 48. If it isn’t, you may enter the tournament however, if you don’t have the main set of powers or the alternate set of powers unlocked, you must equip no powers for that round .
  • Lastly, in order to make it as fair as possible, if we decide to let moderators choose the combinations, any moderator that chooses to play would not be eligible for the crown.

:memo: Signup

Use one of the 3 following options to sign up:

  • Write I am in as ~username~ under this post.
  • Write !signup ~username~ under #tournament-sign-up in discord.
  • Send a private message in discord to Ivan.#6463, Rynx#0071, #Roxie5323, Karig#7777, Isar#5842.

Or let one of the tournament organisers know in-game chat that you would like to play! :cfp:

:stop_sign: Signup deadline: :bangbang: 30 minutes before the tournament start (19:30 CEST).

:large_orange_diamond: Confirmation deadline: :bangbang: 1 hour before tournament start (19:00 CEST) and closes 20 minutes before (19:40 CEST).

:white_check_mark: Tournament start: 2022-08-21T18:00:00Z

Note: By using any of the above ways to sign up, you automatically agree to the rules below.

:checkered_flag: Confirming attendance


You can confirm attendance through the following ways:

  • Curve fever pro server through the bot when you signed up with the second option as described above.
  • On this forum post.
  • By private messaging one of the tournament staff members listed.

:construction: Schedule

:trophy: Rewards

First Place :1st_place_medal: Second Place :2nd_place_medal: Third Place :3rd_place_medal:
0-19 Players* :crown: + 200 :gem: 100 :gem: 50 :gem:
20-39 Players* :crown: + 300 :gem: 200 :gem: 100 :gem:
40-59 Players* :crown: + 400 :gem: 300 :gem: 150 :gem:
60+ Players* :crown: + 500 :gem: 400 :gem: 200 :gem:

Amount of players mentioned is the amount that is starting in the first round. (Prizes might still change)

:no_entry: Rules

Please read these carefully!
  • Be on time. A host may delay the match for 3 minutes from the start time. Afterwards you are out.
  • Any player who signs up but fails to come will be banned from participating in the next tournament.
  • No compensation for bugs or lag and no rematches.
  • Teaming is not allowed and all players involved will be punished.
  • Cheating is not allowed in any form or circumstance.
  • Winner posts the match results in the curve fever discord #tournament-results. - This can be done either with a screenshot or by typing !lastmatch <username> where username is your username.
  • The organization, being official moderators and Hidden Monster Games representatives, are always right and have the last word.

:bell: Disclaimer

Click to read

All official Curve Fever tournaments are subject to this disclaimer without exclusion. In order to keep tournaments organized and more enjoyable for everyone: Once the signup deadline is reached; no changes are made to its content that may be rules, the player list (no switches are allowed.), times and days mentioned. Players must keep to the starting times of matches and as mentioned in the posts. You must post results of each match in discord #tournament-results. The only way to signup is through the ways mentioned in this announcement. After confirming your attendance you must show up in time, if you fail to do so you will get banned from the upcoming tournament(s).

:speaking_head: Organisation team

@Gremlin (Host)

:cfp: Happy curving and we hope to see you there on 21st! :trigon:

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I am in as p doggy dogg


I am in as Kam1kaz1, although I want to note that I am only level 35.


That’s okay, you can still play in the tournament.
There will be alternative powers each round.


Thanks for responding, I understand now. :heart:


I am in as ernest_yeti


I’m in as ProZCraZy


I’m in as Bantonaut


I’m in as Waky


I’n in as Treep


I’m in as Domnic


I’m in as Bantonaut





Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CsYMRy3u9dKsa9NtkCRz41u2S2QhXVpSDLbDmKYrCGo/edit?usp=sharing

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