[OFFICIAL] 5 vs. 5 FFA TEAMS Double Draft - 21/01/2023 - 20:00 CET



Hey guys! :cfp:

The tournament crew wishes you all a belated happy new year! This means more exciting tournaments you can expect from us! To start off, there is no better way than to start off this year with a big boy where everyone has a chance to win!

:construction_worker_man: How this works

FFA Teams means you play as a team inside an FFA room, where your team’s points are combined.
So what is “double draft”? It means that besides choosing teammates like a normal draft, the captains are also responsible for picking the items their team can use at the same time.

Qualification stage

Three 10 FFA games that will bring the player amount down to a number divisible by 5 (amount of teams depends on participation). Players are scored on their score% in the games.


Drafting stage

After qualification, the DRAFTING happens in the Discord server. :eyes:

The mod/tournament crew will have devised a list of the top players based on their generally expected skill (so not their qualification performance). These players are the captains. Now from the bottom up (so the “worst” captain first) captains will pick a player + power for their team. Every power can be picked twice, once an item has been picked by two captains, the other captains can no longer pick it. When the highest captain has made their first pick, they can immediately choose their second pick and the picking will go back down for the process to repeat once more. When all picks have been made, every team has four powers and five players. Players can only choose from the four powers their captain has selected for them. Visual aid on which players/powers are available during the picking will be provided, captains can of course discuss their picks with teammates.

Teams stage

After drafting the TEAMS STAGE starts. :handshake:

It will consist of a round robin, so each team plays each other team once. Teams score based on W/DW/DL/L = 5/3/2/0 points where D means that teams were within a 400 point difference. The reason it is made so difficult yet rewarding to “win” is to nerf/discourage team feeding to quickly end a game once they have a small lead (which is allowed of course).
At the end of the round robin, ties are broken through point% (e.g. scoring 1200pt vs 2000pt gives 37.5 point%).
The teams ending #4 and #3 will play one game to determine podium.
The teams ending #2 and #1 will play three final games where the total point sum of their three games determines the winner (this also to discourage/nerf team feeding).

:cfp: Game settings

  • Ranked off
  • Turrets off
  • Pickups off
  • FFA format

:memo: Sign-up

Use one of the following 4 ways to sign up:

  • Write I am in as ~username~ under this post.
  • Type in the #tournament-sign-up channel on Discord "I am in as ~username~".
  • Send a private message to Ivan.#6463, Isar#5842, SHEEP#0001, Voytec#9358 on Discord with your username.
  • Let one of the tournament organisers know in-game that you want to participate.

:warning: Sign-up deadline: 2023-01-21T18:30:00Z

:warning: Confirmation deadline: 2023-01-21T18:00:00Z

:warning: Tournament start: 2023-01-21T19:00:00Z
By signing up, you automatically agree to the rules below!

In the case of a teammate having to go, they can be replaced but that replacement must be considered lower value by the tournament crew.

:construction: Schedule

Schedule will be released here and on the discord 30 minutes before tour.

:no_entry: Rules

Please read these carefully!
IMPORTANT: Anonymity is disallowed

Since this is a draft tournament, it is important that every captain knows who they are actually picking. If a player plays significantly better than we might expect from that account, their team will be disqualified from the tournament. The mod/tournament crew decides when this is the case. You can play on a second account as long as it’s known who you are.

  • Be on time. A host may delay the match for 3 minutes from the start time. Afterwards you are out.
  • No compensation for bugs or lag and no rematches, unless all parties agree to a rematch.
  • Cheating is not allowed in any form or circumstance.
  • Intentionally hindering or helping another player at the sacrifice of your own game is not permitted. Failure to abide by this will result from a ban from the next FFA tournament hosted.
  • The moderators will review each case one by one thoroughly in all fairness. Moderators have authority to make any decision necessary in relation to this rule and other rules/situations deemed worthy of review. Once a decision is made, it’s final, and by signing up for this tournament, you agree to respect moderators decision in any of these situations.
  • If you find a decision unfair or worthy of review, approach the tournament crew privately in DM. Those who decide to discuss it publicly will receive a warning to discontinue the conversation and go to DMs, and if unheeded they will be dealt with an appropriate punishment.
  • Players who are banned from tournaments or game are not permitted to play in the tournament with an alternative account. Fail to abide by this rule will and can result in harsher punishments.
  • Winner posts the match results in the curve fever discord #tournament-results. - This can be done either with a screenshot or by typing !lastmatch <username> where username is your username.
  • The organization, being official staff, are always right and have the last word.

:trophy: PRIZES

:gem: :gem: :gem:

More gems for everyone from now on!

:gem: :gem: :gem:

Every round of the tournament, everyone will receive 10 gems per round they pass through.

First Place :1st_place_medal: Second Place :2nd_place_medal: Third Place :3rd_place_medal:
0-19 Players* :crown: + 200 :gem: 100 :gem: 50 :gem:
20-39 Players* :crown: + 300 :gem: 200 :gem: 100 :gem:
40-59 Players* :crown: + 400 :gem: 300 :gem: 150 :gem:
60+ Players* :crown: + 500 :gem: 400 :gem: 200 :gem:

:bell: Disclaimer

Click to read

All official Curve Fever tournaments are subject to this disclaimer without exclusion. In order to keep tournaments organized and more enjoyable for everyone: Once the signup deadline is reached; no changes are made to its content that may be rules, the player list (no switches are allowed.), times and days mentioned. Players must keep to the starting times of matches and as mentioned in the posts. You must post results of each match in discord #tournament-results. The only way to signup is through the Discord bot. After confirming your attendance you must show up in time, if you fail to do so you will get banned from the upcoming tournament(s).

:speaking_head: Organization


We hope to see you in the tournament, until then, happy curving! :cfp:

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Me is MiniMand56


I’m sorry, I have to withdraw from the tournament I’m afraid


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