[Official] 2 v 2 None Tournament - Results



Hi everyone,

Yesterday another exciting tour was played. I hope all participants had a lot of fun :joy:

First up, I want to thank @anja, @theangelov, @ItsTheRealMath and @the_hashtag for helping me out this time :heart:

The winners of this team tournament are the following:

I also want to thank @Shen and @Mav. They were very fair and agreed to replaying the 3rd place match after winning it with a bit of confusion. Sadly they didn’t quite get there the second time. :heart: A :cookie: for you tho :joy: hope you like it!

Thanks to @theangelov we got high quality recordings of both the 3rd place match and the finals. Enjoy watching them :heart_eyes:

As always, I am open for suggestions for future tournaments or general improvements :wink:
See you all at the next tournament! :wave:

Cheers, Line