[OFFICIAL] 1v1 Tournament - 21.02.2021 20:00 CET



I’m in as Gorterrr


You do have a forum account (you literally made a post through your forum account), so all you need to do is to make another post.

There is no need to sign up through discord as well.


Am I able to sign someone else in because they don’t have an account but want to be in the tournament


You dont need to sign up in discord since you already said so here.


Discord is just one possible way to enter


I’m in as AlexGGGGG


nate08 is in.


I am in as BezqyczekPL


long name


im in as pringles46


Im in as Wish


hey wish


I’m in as Mighty


I think it’s possible. You could sign them up and ask Zuzi for confirmation.


Im in as Mystic Gohan. Probably anyway. I probably won’t win but just in case, what if you don’t have access to discord?


One of the moderators will contact you in-game then.


ok. thx. ( also now I just realized I won’t make it. Curve Fever is blocked again. Been wanting to hack this **** school computer for a while, just afraid of bricking it so yeah, I can’t come.) srry :frowning: .


@zuzi why is there no scedule?


im in as jj-___-


im in as deadguy