[Official] 1 Year Anniversary Tournament




[Official] 1 Year Anniversary Tournament :birthday: :tada:

Happy Birthday! :joy: YES, one year ago we had our first CFPro Tournament. This is going to be the 1 Year Anniversary Tournament. We have higher prizes and a special format! :heart_eyes:

Each round will consist of 3 games (FFA, 1v1, 2v2v2 Teams). In each game you can get points and the top point collectors after these 3 games will move on to the next round! The modules will change each round!

This is the points you can collect in each game!


Big thanks to @theangelov for helping me organize this tournament :heart:


You can signup using our Discord server Join-Chat-Discord
I don’t know how to signup! Learn more by reading this article!

Date and time

  • :warning::warning::warning: Signup deadline: 2 hours before start of the tournament, those who want to sign up later then that will be on the reserve list!

  • Tournament starting: 2019-08-25 20:00 CEST

:no_entry: RULES

⚠ Please read these carefully ⚠
  • I accept that the tournament is played with the game as it is. This including bugs and lag.
  • Being on time is a must. A host may delay the match for 3 minutes from the start time. Afterwards you won’t be able to join the tournament anymore.
  • Any player who signs up and confirms their attendance but fails to come will be banned from participating in the next tournament.
  • You will respect the times mentioned on the schedule.
  • No compensation for bugs or lag and no rematches.
  • The majority of players decide if the games are ranked or un-ranked.
  • Teaming is not allowed and all players involved will be punished.
  • Cheating is not allowed in any form or circumstance.
  • Unless stated otherwise by a tournament host, the winning player/team will post the match results in the curve fever discord #tournament-results. - This can be done either with a screenshot or by typing !lastmatch <username> where username is your username. Not doing this = removal of 20% of the points in that match.
  • The organization, being official moderators and Hidden Monster Games representatives, are always right and have the last word.
  • I have read, understood and agree with the rules, as posted in this topic.

:construction: CREATION

Always check the Schedule


  • Time of creation
  • Name of the match
  • Password
    :red_circle: Check the schedule to find this info :arrow_right: Click to view schedule

:grey_exclamation: Notes:

  • Join the match/lobby at least 5 minutes in advance.
  • All times are in Amsterdam time. That is CEST.
  • Moderators will make sure no duplicate rooms are created.

:trophy: PRIZES

1st Place :1st_place_medal: 2nd Place :2nd_place_medal: 3rd Place :3rd_place_medal: 4th Place 5th Place
0-19 Players* Champ Title + 400 gems 250 gems 100 gems 50 gems 25 gems
20-39 Players* Champ Title + 500 gems 350 gems 200 gems 75 gems 50 gems
40-59 Players* Champ Title + 600 gems 450 gems 300 gems 100 gems 75 gems
60+ Players* Champ Title + 700 gems 550 gems 400 gems 125 gems 100 gems

*Amount of players mentioned is the amount that is starting in the first round. (Prizes might still change)


Click to read

All official Curve Fever tournaments are subject to this disclaimer without exclusion. In order to keep tournaments organized and more enjoyable for everyone: Once the signup deadline is reached; no changes are made to its content that may be rules, the player list (no switches are allowed.), times and days mentioned. Players must keep to the starting times of matches and as mentioned in the posts. You must post results of each match in discord #tournament-results. The only way to signup is through the Discord bot. After confirming your attendance you must show up in time, if you fail to do so you will get banned from the upcoming tournament(s).

Happy curving! Hoping to see you in the tournament and may the best player win!


Random teammate for 2v2v2?


Yeah @Line and since there are 6 players there will be 3 1v1 games so thats random as well? And woow high prizes and nice that 4th and 5th get something as well :wink: Tour looks amazing :smiley:


The teams and the 1v1 matches will be decided by the current positions of the players in the groups.


Not totally random but yes. As the angelov mentioned your current position will decide your opponent and teammate. The challenge in this tour is obviously to be super flexible in all 3 game modes. Won’t be easy for anyone, so be ready for a challenge :smirk:


I understand how… 1st and 6th, 2nd and 5th and 3rd+4th in ffa will have 1vs1 or what and 2vs2vs2 will be 1st+6th, 2nd+5th and 3rd+4th overall or from ffa… the only solution I can think of :sweat_smile::relaxed:


That’s if the tournament is trying to ensure fairness throughout all matches. But if the tournament is measuring skill, the 2v2v2 will look more like 1st+2nd vs 3rd+4th vs 5th+6th. (Of course, there will be more than 6 players total so it might be 1st+1st vs 2nd+2nd vs 3rd+3rd or something.)


We will be taking the fairness route, but ofc ones a round is finished the top 3 move on to the next and we have only top 3s which makes it more and more a skill thing.

But espsecially at the beginning the best in my opinion is to keep ot fair.

@Ambroz37 always the last ranking counts, so for 1v1 it is the ffa ranking and for teams it is ffa+1v1


@Line wir lieben dich!!! x) Endlich Mal ein ehrwürdiges 1-Jahr Turnier (in CF3 gab’s das nicht)
Grüße gehen raus minnjung ^^


What is the plan in early phases if in some groups (well, in most groups, realistically :smiley: ) one player doesn’t come? Will the 1st player from FFA get 50 points for free in 1v1? Who will play with whom in 2v2v2?


Good good questions! Yup thought a long time about this…

The solution really lies in the point system which we made up :joy: cheers to @theangelov

Well, yes the first in ffa will get free 50 points but he will have to play alone in the 2v2v2. I reckon this will be in the first round only since I will try to make the room as close to 6 players as possible… maybe there will be some 4 player rooms which solve the issue.


Haha Danke Mann :muscle: hoffe es klapp so wie wirs uns ausgedacht haben :joy: is halt mal was anderes… kanns kaum erwarten dass sich die meute wieder aufregt :joy:


Warum reden wir immer auf Englisch? :thinking:


Weil ich italiener bin :joy:


Deutsch ist nicht meinen skill,
aber ich bin sicher das ich spielen will

So count me in :wink:
although I do not yet get all of the rules of different gameplay, but it will clear itself when it’s time I think?


@Firespace U need to sign up on discord not here… omg why is noone reading rules?


Idk either :joy:

@Firespace you could ask me now and I will explain everything to you :joy:


Can I be mod?


As far as I know we are currently not looking for any new mods, you should keep an eye on the forum to know when to apply for the job tho. :wink: