Offensive username


Hello curvers!

Recently we have been busy with community managment. An important part in that is creating a fun and enjoyabe environment for everyone! We have already talked and brought new rules in place for sharing accounts, we are investing more time in reviewing chats and making sure people are showing good behaviour. We added guides and our support service is there for all of you to assist in what you want to ask or report.

Some time ago we also introduced new rules concerning offensive usersnames. I noticed that not many people are aware of this change and I will highlight the important parts here:

Offensive usernames :

  • Words, phrases and idioms, crafts propagandizing discrimination at all levels, including political, religious, national, racial, ethnic, sexual.

  • Words, phrases, crafts that relate to sexual violence or cruelty, or have a vulgar sexual meaning.

  • Words, phrases in any way related to persons who violated, or are violating, Russian or international legislation, including the names and surnames of Nazi figures, the names of other military and criminal criminals.

  • Names of organizations recognized as criminal, extremist, or terrorist. Including, the names of organizations, units and military units that were part of the SA, SS, SD of Hitler’s Germany.

  • Words and phrases, misleading about their belonging to developers, project officials (forum moderators, chat moderators)

Moderators will block the player’s account until the player contacts [email protected] with a new appropriate username. - For CFPro this is a reset request.

If you have questions you may contact our support service or DM me on Discord.


Averazon - Lead Moderator