Not playing the bloody garbage of teams mode


How do you not play in teams, teams mode is the worst thing to ever happen to curve fever and I don’t want to play it.


I love teams, it’s so fun ^.^
Since there are so few players the devs basically need to pick one. You can make a custom room, but perhaps one easy fix is to switch between teams and ffa every 24 hours.


uhhhh… and why not instead let us choose if we want to play teams or ffa, instead of the ‘‘daily switching’’?


The time that I play has a very low playerbase. It takes sometimes about 5 minutes to find a match. That’s when every player is searching for the same game mode. Halving the player base will make that number much bigger - people won’t come at that time of day because they can’t play. This will lose players and eventually end up lowering the population at the times of day where there might be enough players to have 2 game modes. Then the cycle will repeat until the game is dead.


Atm there are not enough players to have both game modes simultaneously! Devs wanted to try out this game mode and the best way to do so is in quickplay! It was long announced as well and you can play FFA in costums for now.

At the beginning of this game the game mode changed almost every 2 weeks and we always had to adapt ourselfs :joy: so you could try to do that as well!