No Steal Official Tournament Final [Video}


#1 Watch to the end. At the end you have a link to the next part :smiley:

Moving Forward with Official Tournaments v.2

thx for uploading,thx owl for streaming instead of noflavor and thanks to you all for paricipating


Maybe dont watch the second part :joy: the first one was better LOL … nah jk :joy: thx everyone for organizing <3


please put like some Gojira or something for the music next video you put up :stuck_out_tongue: , its like all my teenage angst resurfaced watching this video :joy: jk


Awesome ^^ Thank you 44belgianfries :smirk:


And what do you think about the music? Im trying to always put what i like.


Aww I like it <3 Gonna put it in my next video.


Oh nvm, copyrights wont let me do it :confused: