No one wants to support you on Steam with these random power ups



The random power up drops are garbage and devoid the game of all skill. No one in their right mind would support you on Steam with these things as default lobbies.


You’ve killed your own fanbase.


You can just go to customs and play the game without powerups. But the game isn’t coming out to Steam anyway.


The developers added pickups to attract curvefever 2 players because they like the randomness factor of popups. Curvefever pro was supposed to be free from rng gameplay elements and was supposed to be a “pro” pure skill game but because of cf2 players, we have to suffer.

I asked Geert (the owner of curvefever games) to reverse the pickups update and he said it’s too hard to do. The programmers of the game have left the company and apparently Geert cant reverse the update alone.

It’s nice to see someone voice their discontent regarding this issue on the forums. Maybe if enough people express their opinions (on forums and discord), Geert will call one of the programmers and reverse the update.