No Modules Challenge


Yoo Curvers,
I’m currently doing a challenge: Playing on a account with no modules every game. I will post my progress in here. Let’s see what Rank I will end up with.

I am currently at Rank:

1279 (Gold 1) (14.12.18)
1346 (Gold 3) (15.12.18)



i will do something like only defensive powers challenge.
shield+ jump.
shield + thin.

but the no modules ship looks so cute and helpless.


well you really get good at dodging :sweat_smile:

It’s also quite surprising how far I got already without modules… didn’t think that. On my main, I’m gold 5 (1500 rp), so not thaat big of a difference :smile: And I just played 30 games. Surviving is actually more important than you would think I guess.

Also you don’t need to worry about energy :rofl:


ye true but shield will inculcate bad habits, because ur impulsive reaction when being shot at would change from turning and dodging to activating shield. I once played like 20 games with shield i became bad at dodging the natural way.


haha :joy: interesting


How about beating this no modules challenge? :wink:

PS: I was diamond in 50-100 points from gm position playing no modules only


Ok xD I will try to complete that no module 250 points challenge in my journey


Well i won xD, i have been gm without module, im actually trying to get it with jump and only one key ( only right)


Well… :sweat_smile: ok…