No host in a room


Ok. Look at this picture.

Is there any HOST ? That is the bug i want to report. No host means for me no game because no start...



Is an old bug though,u just have to make another room :wink:


The problem is… U cant go creating another room because your computer overload and when you create another room, the message 'already in a room 'is here


Some times you can, i tried…


Lol,i have witnessed those bugs too , also we dont earn rank enough like the prediction said at the start


And also, sometimes your loader is locked on “go”!


The only solution is creating a new room ,we cant do nothing at the moment


That is the problem with “already started” error or something like that


Yep,i usually refresh the page,its just a meaningless custom room,dont worry about it


Yeah, but you have again already in a game!


But you are right


Indeed ,sometimes may turn in a bothering bug,i’ve refreshed even till 3 times


At least this dont happen in quick games ,i mean losing a lot of rank bc of those bugs.personally i’d rather devs focus in a new gamemode such as team mode xd




also that bug make somtimes the computer lag because of an infinite bug and you must shut down the computer with the key… My computer crashes my server , my AI, all the computers at home…