Next update?!?


Been a while… how’s everyone? :slight_smile:
With this stupid virus I’m a bit bored from time to time so I might do some work on CFP.
I do obviously have a new job though :trigon:, so it’ll just be voluntary in my free time.
Don’t get your hopes up too much it does not mean CFP is back in development and there won’t be huge updates but there might be a few small things possible till I get bored haha.

My first priority is to address some security issues, so that tournaments can continue.
But you guys must have a lot of thoughts about updates and such since it’s been such a long time.

I’m not gonna read back all topics on the forum to read the bugs and feedback so just comment below with some things you’d like to see fixed, added or improved. (please keep it short or add a TLDR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Status of the game
Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 23-01-2021 | 2.0.10 | security patches



Our savior :heart:


YES tours continue!


I’d recommend a 2v2v2 game mode --> You and your partner share points, and if you win, you split the rewards. The partner that contributed x% of points, gets x%of the rewards.


Idea: Laser and shots will have their own color.
Example: Joker skin=rainbow laser/shots


Rojoss we love you <3


Replays? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you bring back team games as a selectable module? I hope code still exist somewhere :slight_smile: Good luck bro!


HELL YES, cause yall could see my laser shot. Shot 3 people with laser. AND I stole 4 peoples points with multi. ONE SHOT :crazy_face:


Oh yes, if anyone will fix anything it better be replays its lame not having em anymore i cant make fun of my friends on their gamplay and vice versa

Point is they are important


Season four battle pass!
and maybe a shop update with a new skin or two, and maybe 50 gem avatars or leader hats?


please update Battle Pass and also get the replays back?


season 1 and 2 avatars and hats for sale in shop, no “new” sign on turrets on/off, @CFPisthebestCF that would be amazing, and you should be able to decide whether or not to have pickups in classic.


and a /voteban command that you can give to hackers and when they get 10 different people to ban them then their account is moderated and after BANNED


YES PLEASE, I have so many shots that I would have liked to share in Insane Shots collection, but I can’t because there are no replays anymore. It would be awesome if they were brought back.


Also, a suggestion, bring back survival. I was a little irritated when it was removed, because it was one of my favorite ways to play, and was a lot better than classic, as it had no pickups. I know a lot of other people that would also like it if survival was brought back. #bluepowersonly


what’s survival?


Welcome back, Rojoss! It is nice to see you!

Alright, so a little bit about potential update suggestions:

I think that the most important thing would be making the game’s security better so the tournaments can continue.

In my opinion, second potential update by importancy would be bringing Team games back to the game. They should be held in Custom rooms, not in Quickplay. I really liked the way Team games were being held back in the day but simpler version is fine, as well, in my opinion (just like in Curve Fever 2). I have spoken to some people from Curve Fever 2 and they have said that in their opinion, more people from Curve Fever 2 would play Curve Fever Pro, if Team games were a thing. We have had high ranked Team games in a FFA match in Customs and we have loved it (both, Curve Fever 2 and Curve Fever Pro players). This update would help with increasement of the playerbase.

It would also be interesting to increase the maximum amount of players playing from 6 to 8. You know, the more, the merrier. Could be a nice update for Custom matches and would work well in Team games or tournaments.

Last but not least, a new Battle pass would be awesome, as well, even though it requires lots of time but people are really looking forward to having it. Maybe, a smaller Battle pass (with less than 50 tiers) would work out, who knows…




That sounds great, security is indeed the main issue: cfp won’t survive long without official tournaments. My further ideas:

  1. Replays
  2. Fix self-turning bug: the curve sometimes turns by itself (I guess it’s desync, but it happens way more often than before)
  3. Team mode in customs (unranked)
  4. People say battle pass, but maybe 1-2 new powers? It will for sure bring the feeling that the game is somehow alive. I would love to see even one new fever: “brake” or “corner” is the easy choice. There’s plenty of better ideas here: New powers, Lets think?
  5. A long time ago I had an idea of “random” module. So you equip it and each time after use you get new random power (in the same round, not between rounds): for instance you get “jump” from the start of the round, but after you use it you can get some fever or shot etc. Each power should have its natural cooldown. I’m not sure it’s for quickplay, but it could be such a fun mode for custom: both all-around skill and luck, as we like in cf :slight_smile:

And thanks for your help Rojoss!