Newbies & GM's Battling In a Nutshell (Script) (Ft. Yoshimitsu & Vidman)


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Vidman: Stuffed with rank as usual.
Yoshimistu: I gotta have some positive rank.
Vidman: Yoshimistu, you cheater! You are a big cheater. Why do you always have to make me lose rank?
Yoshimistu: I get rank because I wanted to be #1. It’s what I do.


Yoshimistu: It’s time to kick Angelov off of diamond rank.
Vidman: Yoshimistu! It’s one of your best friends. Do not kick him of of his rank!
Yoshimistu: Your rank is going to orbit, you stupid noob! (Kicks Angelov off of GM)
Vidman: YOShiTsuMitSu!


Yoshimistu: Time to use Speedy Zap. I’m a GM who loves to troll players.
Vidman: Yoshimistu, you giant hacker!
Yoshimistu: I hate Multi Zap users. I’m bored. It’s time to use Time Bomb & Stealths.
Vidman: You’re ranking us off of our game, Yoshimistu!
Yoshimistu: Enough with the chit-chat, let’s get some Walls Of Glory going…


Vidman: Where’s all of the 1st place’s?
Yoshimistu: I ate those stuff.
Vidman: Where’s the coins and gems?
Yoshimistu: I ate those stuff.
Vidman: Where’s the noob luck?
Yoshimistu: (Burp)
Vidman: You’re a bad player. That’s it, I had it. I’m done. I had it with you, Yoshimatts.

The End

This was also another one of those scripts that is in a nutshell and as an inspiration. So, what do you think? Was it a long topic, but a good one too? Let me know in the comments section. :wink:


prefer when im in the history lmao


Love it!
BTW, I’m not a newbie :joy:


I mean… this is a nutshell, so different randomized (sort of) people are in it just because. :joy:


I really would like to have that much time…


last time it was the summer break, what is it now? :joy:


I have no idea where this is going. :joy:


@Yoshimitsu, how could you beat me so hard :frowning:
I derank so much (not kidding) because of you! (Just kidding)
At least i had the skills to rank up again :slight_smile:


@anja it’s Thanksgiving break over here on the states


Lol what is happening why am I in this haha


Well I always cringe at these things, but if you enjoy what you do you should keep doing it :slight_smile: But it sure was a surprise to see myself in the lyrics haha, that I liked.


Have to say, that’s my combo right now!!!

Men, he’ll find a way to get it back before I get paper

Yeah, noob lives matter