Newbie tutorial video on CFPro



Recently I was playing a game, and there was a newbie that did not understand what was going on or how to play, so to help him and others that join the game; I made it tutorial video for the new people that come to CFPro.

I accidentally misspelled a word; typing too fast. let me know if you find it. :joy:


Nice tutorial!




Nice tutorial! Keep up the awesome work c:


i’ll try to!:joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good job and very good idea. I will send it to everyone asking me “HOW TO PLAY???” :smile:


yes! they drive me nuts so I’m trying to help them out ( i work smarter not harder so I don’t have to explain 250 million times.) I know I left some things out but it’s just the basics.


I think my next video will address everyone that thinks the top 100 pay to win games.:joy::roll_eyes:


Nice vid


haha, how did you know! someone asked exactly that, but i forgot to get an screenshot.