New Year Fever Tournament conclusion + Video


First I’d like to say thank you for everyone that played we had a turn out of 18 players 27 of which signed up.

As you probably know this will be my one and only tour that I host in this upcoming year, so with that being said it was fun while it lasted.:rofl:

Congratulations to @Cat_Curver for winning the “New Year Fever” tournament today! It was a very close game with myself (@robt44) almost winning, but not quite. also congratulations to @hohoho for getting 3rd only a few points off from 2nd, and in general Thanks to everyone who participated.

For all of you who didn’t make it this time; better luck next month and feel better!:face_with_thermometer:
[for those of you who don’t get the pun…the name of the tournament is FEVER]

Here is the final match of the tournament:


thnx I really needed this

insert sarcastic laugh here


next time dont choose random cancer item plz, it wasnt even skill, if you were 1st, well you were murdered by every single player (i think you understand robt xd)


I beg to differ that it was skill; fevers weren’t even spammed as bad as I was thinking they would. To me it was pretty much a no module tour. If you watch my games I barely hit anybody with my fevers. (not to mention I was always targeted) But regardless I know the truth is you just can’t bear to lose to me.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



i actually cant bear to lose against meow :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, @meow aka @Cat_Curver deserved it… she is the best after all!


This tournament was sort of spammy and that’s why I didn’t enter but it went better than I thought it would.