New way of playing Curve Fever


Wow, a lot of this is in Line with what I think as well!

I agree that the fairness is a good move.

As for skins and teamgames, XCS said that the studio is not monetized enough. I don’t get it – you’ll be monetized if you make those updates, right devs? Those are things people have been asking for ever since the game was released.


The low level players are still at a disadvantage. Their ships are very big and its easier to hit them with bullets and stuff.


@meow I like that the powers are balanced. As for the ships, I actually like it. Higher-level players can go through the thinnest places if they have the skill and the ship, something low-levelers can’t do. But in return, they have smaller gaps in their curve. Therefore, more skill is needed as well if there’s an all-grandmaster game.


But that small gap is also for lower level players. It’s not like only a player is gonna get through the hole of his own curve. That hole is for everyone on the map (unlike the ship)

But anyways, now the game is updated and there are no more ships and the gaps are based on arenas, so the issue is null and its fair for the low level players now.


Yeah, I feel like the diffrences between new and old are balanced now!

I think that this tread will last for over 1 year!


Finally, it took me almost 2 months to regain the GM badge.


Nearly 2k games of doubt, hope and anger, when I dropped to DIAMOND #0 (on the verge of loosing it to GOLD #5) but I never gave up. I humbly accepted my new way in the line and slowly started to move forward like :boxing_glove:Rocky Balboa v. Ivan Drago.:boxing_glove:

I used to be a speedzapper, overpowered AF (ZAP #7 and SF #4) - with ~4-5k defence I didn’t care much about getting a hit, I was like "Yeah, whatev’, lemme just 7AP y’all" cause in the end it would always be like :

It was the hardest part of that update, suddenly I got stripped from my ‘what’ev effect’ and I had to learn how to dodge bullets like NEO :heart: