New way of playing Curve Fever


Just a reminder people, this might not be permanent. If it turns out not to work then it will get adjusted and tested again.:wink:

Maybe our coins can get transferred into cosmetics. Having them turn into a competitive advantage would defeat the purpose of getting rid of upgrades because as I’m seeing it, this game is supposed to be skill based, not whoever started playing first. I also know that the people that grinded for coins are kind of getting ripped off so it would be nice to see coins be useful somehow after the update.


wow this amazing way to play


Overall, I’d say that getting rid of upgrades is fair. It definitely impacted less experienced players to a crazy negative extent. Balancing that side of things is definitely a step in the right direction.

I’m not so sure about forcing players to change their modules, though. I personally think it gives players identity to use their preferred modules as much as they want and when they want. That freedom is a big attraction to the game for me and if I’m then forced to only play a few times a day with the specific modules I like, then there will definitely be game-time lost from myself and I suspect from other players also. Surely if you plan to make all modules “equal” then this shouldn’t be an issue and you could trust people to naturally diversify and pick modules that work best for them (as they do currently)…

I’m guessing this " purchase energy" system is for monetary gain and whilst I understand that concept, it is somewhat frustrating. I really think you guys should reconsider this and look at other areas (XP gain for rank and Cosmetic Advantages) that could be utilized instead.

I also feel that if you invested in making a decent blank-canvas tutorial option where anyone could “practice” using certain modules in a safe, non-competitive environment then that would greatly advantage new players who aren’t used to the game - whilst also not impacting expereinced players. Just my two cents…


The problem is, if all powers are going to get rebalanced you just have to randomly buy levels now and hope that the modules you upgraded won’t be shit after the update. I don’t know, it just feels like this isn’t the right way to handle it. As someone suggested, maybe convert the remaining coins and modules to gems if it gives sufficient return for the investment put on those.

Also why would you just remove the coins and not give anything in return? The majority don’t actively read the forums for sure and this could lead to many people being upset for losing their coins. Imagine having thousands saved up and having a little break from CF, then return only to find your hard earned/paid coins gone.

Personally I bought 20€ worth of gems last week just to get better modules without the endless grinding for crates. I just hope the compensation from modules and hopefully coins will be worth it. If you truly end up just deleting the coins atleast give us a date beforehand so we know when to spend them, preferably many days before the update with an ingame announcement. But like I said, it’s guaranteed to upset some people who aren’t active right now but have coins on their account. I’m personally not gonna use my coins just yet, waiting for the day to be announced and whether you end up changing your approach.

Edit: Oh, and one more thing about the module reimbursements,

Not sure whether I’m missing something but what does the “tournament level” mean? And how are you planning to do the module reimbursements in general? A fixed amount for each level of a module or based on the value of coins that went in to upgrading it? I really do hope it is not the former. In my case for example, I just bought module updates with real money and most were worth 1k or 2k of coins and I expect to get return based on the amount of coins used rather than the same amount for each level.


A few things…

No more upgrading modules is great for game in terms of new players and many who don’t want to pay to win. Great change

No reimburse for coins is meh considering energy is going to be new currency. At least we can spend a lot of the coins on upgrades to get something for it.

Only a couple modules to use for free every so often (per day/per week or whenever) does not sound fun compared to the current method. This sounds like just a bad change. I’m aware you can spend money to unlock what you wish to play with on that certain day if you don’t have it free at that time, but that just sounds annoying. I get that it’s a way to make money off the game since upgrades are gone but this is not gonna be fun for people who want to use something on a certain day cause the free energy will run out pretty fast. I really hope this change does not become permanent.

You could just add cosmetic skins and colours like CF2 and CF3. This would be a source of money for those who want it, and people WILL want them. You could even make default colours available to buy if someone wants to be red, blue, orange all the time. There are a lot of options here.

And yeah, a friends list would be great too haha


Okay, here is my opinion:

It feels like you (the developers) are not listening and not prioritizing the opinions of the players that are actually keeping the game alive. Stellans picture is so accurate when it comes to this point; there are so many helpful things that people have recommended to make the game less frustrating and you don’t do it and choose to focus on other things. Why not start listening to the community more?

Why not add more game modes, skins/colors and funny events where you can earn something special only during that event? It seems like Curve Fever Pro has become this tryharding game, where everyone is just trying to reach high rank and get new powers instead of actually playing to have fun. Playing with different powers and trying new combos becomes boring after a while, and is not something that is experienced as “varying” and exciting in the long run.

The game is lacking variation and excitement. When I say that, I’m talking in terms of the visual aspect and the availability when it comes to how the game can be played. The only available thing to change at this very moment, is the power combos and that’s it. You can’t do anything else, and it makes it limiting.

Please, add different game modes, add skins and colors, so you can choose how you want to look in a game and add events to look forward to. It will make the game much funnier and exciting with all the possibilities. It will make the game more magical and attract more new players to stay, because they will have all these options to choose between.

Bring back the real Curve Fever spirit. Like this comment if you agree.


Thanks for the nicely worded feedback. We are currently also working on customization (skins, avatars). Unfortunately, we could not just work on new features or improvements as the game does not currently monetize well enough to keep the studio alive. We also calculated that skins would not be enough to keep the game free to play, that’s why we are trying multiple systems at the same time. We are just introducing this system first because it was faster to implement than the customizations system.

We tried different game modes in the past and kept the best-received option so far; having multiple game modes at this stage will drastically slow the development of new features (harder to balance the game, more prone to bugs, harder to test after each update).

We hope that the next update will make the game easier to understand and feel more fair, while keeping it as fun and (more) exciting as it is now.


The best way in balancing the game would’ve been a proper matching-system where bronze and silver players would have a choice of never being matched with gms or golds if they wish so.

And vice versa gms and golds should have an ability to not be matched with silvers and bronze. The newbie players would then never have any problem of the game being out of balance for them if they just weren’t matched with higher players.

Thanks for making me waste hundred of hours of effort into nothing.


The problem is they don’t care about your hours spent on this game and never will. Remember they made an announcement about special price on researchers for 500 gems some weeks ago and then made all ships equal just some days later? Just two days ago I decided to change all my gems on coins and what I see?

I remember devs also said about cf pro that they want to make a game with a really long progression. They just destroyed the whole idea! While I don’t think that idea of cancelling progression is so bad, I’m sure that there is another problem: devs don’t really know what to do with this game. And as Stellan’s brilliant picture in this thread shows they don’t care about forum’s community wishes. They will probably make another 100 updates before they find something (cf2/3 remastered :wink:), but I’m not sure I want to be a part of this ongoing experiment which is going to turn your in-game achievements or obtained skill into nothing at any moment.
Rotation system idea is ridiculous too: I enjoyed playing just 4 modules out of all 27! And now you have to wait for the lucky day to get at least some of this 4 out of 27 overall? hm…
And while I’m really thankful to devs for cf3 it’s probably time to say good bye to cf. And thanks to all players who made the game fun!


Can we just have cf2 remastered? No ships, modules, coins and progress is turned into colors and customization, and we pick up powerups.


Really good points, I think and feel the same. I just feel cheated. But money rules everything. We cant change it.


You should make gems cheaper and add an option to pay with psc. Adding something like “premium membership” might be better than removing whole progression system. Premium should give you emm… maybe more slots for crates or shorter time to open crates. If it costs like 400-500 gems/around 5 euro per month, i will buy it for sure!


Thanks for the information! I will be excited to play with the new system, but as always, I will have nostalgia about the old major update :laughing:


I think your statement is a little unfair @NICK. The devs do listen to us. At least some of them (@Rojoss thx for the cookies :joy:). And tbh the cannot be changed too much before it is somehow fair and bigger. Introducing things like multiple modes or teamgames would change the whole system and i dont think the game as it is can handle more unfairness.

But on one thing you are definitely right. I get that the game needs new players (to ear more money and keep the game alive), but some of us helped you very much with our feedback. There is so many people that actually write feedback after feedback as does Nick. For now the updates mostly favoured the newbies (first you take the different ships, now the upgrades without any type of refund). I totally get that the old players feel left out and frustrated, helping you guys out so much and still getting … uhm i will call it trolled :joy:

Maybe the new Update changes things, maybe it doesnt. We will have to see. But one thing is for sure, this ongoing megachanges are getting a little out of hand.


If devs actually listened to us, we would already have rejoin button, add friend/friends list, customization/skins/colors and possibly different fun game modes. People have been asking for it for months, but the only thing that is prioritized is the dev’s ideas for a more “fair” game for new players and balancing it.

It’s the basic idea for a game, to earn things throughout the course of the game to become better and have better tools. It’s apparent to me that new players have to get some experience and play some games to get new powers. I don’t get how that’s a problem. The problem starts when someone as a bronze or silver player matches up with plats and gm’s with shitton of experience and stronger powers and they get totally rekt with no chance of winning. Then it becomes unfair and boring.

I think they should fix the matchmaking system and add more options to the game, like I stated earlier to make the game more exciting.


Me too! I was hier in cf3.


I can probably give you hundreds of examples of things in the game we did based on the feedback of the community.
Most of the times we discuss things it’s because players have concerns, feedback or what not.

We actually have it but disabled it because there are too many bugs if you join a game mid-game.
It’d take several days to fix all these issues, it’s still something we should really fix but it’s just not been priority.

This currently doesn’t add enough value to the game.
We want to first implement other things that make friends more valuable.
Just some examples (not saying we’re implementing this!),
Leaderboards so you can also compare with friends, public profiles so you can check out the profile of your friends, team games so you can actually play together with your friends, more identity like skins etc

Basically CFP has two genres, skillful and social.
Currently we focus a little more on the skillful part (like this update) but we value both very much.

This would only be for custom games then probably because otherwise we split up the matchmaking which is not a good idea in this state of the game.

All in all there are hundreds of things we want to add to the game and there are many amazing suggestions from the community.
However, it’s very important that the core of the game is very solid and that it’s a fun game to play and that new users can also have this experience so they stick around.
Statistically wise most updates we did are very successful, CFP gets more and more users every day and we are growing rapidly which is good for everyone.

We also understand that the dedicated players some times feel left out but unfortunately the game was just not performing very good in the beginning and we have to make drastic changes some times.
This obviously really sucks because for example now we are taking away all hard work, people have spend many hours in the game trying to upgrade the powers and grind coins etc.
But we just aren’t happy with the current system it doesn’t fit the game and just has too many negative side effects.

It’s also not a lie that everyone knows CF2 was very successful, we can only speculate but it’s most likely just because of the simplicity. We could’ve just made a new CF2 that performs better and has nice features added but we really believe we can make CFP with the powers way more successful than CF2.
I think most people would agree that the powers are actually fun and makes the game more exciting.
But the current system is just too bloated and it makes the game less skillful which is a shame.
So instead of starting over with a basic version we just have to make the rough decisions some times to just simply take away stuff from the current version.

Of course people are also upset that they can’t play their favorite modules anymore over and over but you also need to understand that we’re still a company with employees like me that have to pay their rent and food. :stuck_out_tongue:
Only selling skins and things like premium/VIP would most likely not be enough, so if you really want to play with the same powers over and over again you probably really like the game and then we ask you to pay a little to do so.


Can you give me a few examples?

It will make it easier to see who’s online and it will be more fun to play with friends than alone. Isn’t that valuable?

I don’t know if you read my first response to this post, but if you haven’t please do (I left out the first part you already responded to):

And you can add events where you can win the skins/colors for free, so the people who can’t afford buying skins/colors can still earn it. It was so damn fun to play during the christmas events in CF3 and earn the special colors, like imagine if you did that right now, new players would think it’s awesome I believe. I know that Fortnite is a different game, but they have different game modes that come and go, they have events and they have a huuuuuuuuuuuuge selection of skins which people enjoy a lot. That contributes to the fun and I think it also will have an impact on this game as well.


  • The gamemode, we tried several modes and tweaked each mode a lot all based on suggestions.
  • Last update we removed screenshake because people don’t like it
  • Power balancing, we keep on reducing it so that the game becomes more about survival.
  • No turrets in custom games
  • Power icons in event feed

Just a few random examples that came to mind first but point really is that we always read everything and it’s always the guiding line in all discussions.
Thing with feedback is also that many people might suggest something that you don’t like.
Not everyone is gonna like the same thing.
And as I said we first want to work on the core of the game and most suggestions are just wishlists about big new features and the game is not quite ready for this yet but I think we’re almost at the point where we can start on adding more features again. We’re currently adding skins and stuff which is quite a big new feature.

Yeah this would be really great, I also really loved the CF3 event.
You take Fortnite as an example and I think they do an amazing job indeed to make the game varying.
Difference is that they have a bunch of people working on the game and they can easily do this kind of thing.
If we were to do the same we would not really be able to do anything else anymore.
The big difference is also that Fortnite is already really successful and the core of that game is solid.
Even though it would be amazing we first just have to keep on improving the game and adding more awesome features like for example friends, teams, leaderboards etc.
Something like missions would probably also be great to make the game a bit more varying by adding some new challenges etc.


I don’t know what to say to this. Not being able to play with the powers I want sounds really annoying. Making this game better for new players sounds like a good idea though. Also this update might be extremely annoying for players who worked hard to upgrade a module. The game has to be very balanced after this update. I liked the idea of customization though, I would love to customize a ship :slight_smile: New gamemodes would be really nice.