New way of playing Curve Fever


Btw :joy: why dont we just go back to KNOCKOUTS :joy:


geert only should consider customizations that’ll be the major attraction ,and team games for sure :slight_smile:


i personally hate the update because it just wont be the same


We are pretty happy (and proud) with how CF Pro is doing at the moment, but I do agree that the initial CF Pro meta game and gameplay was too complex, punishing for new players and hard to understand. We gradually started removing features that were hurting the game and add new ones to make it more exciting, mostly based on players’ feedback, and although almost everyone who tries playing CF Pro has a really fun time playing it, we still think the game has several flaws and lacks important features. You can not make the perfect game on paper an then implement it, making CF Pro as good as possible requires many design changes while closely listening to actual feedback from the players.


Another cool thing about this update is that the UI will be a lot cleaner (no more crates on modules, no more module progress bars/levels, no more “This module already earned a crate” errors, etc.) :smiley:


i have a concern ,what will happen with my lvl 30,1500 gems and 5000 coins saved up till now?


You could spend the coins on upgrading your modules (as the coins will disappear) and keep the gems, as you’ll be able to spend gems to buy Energy.

The more modules you have upgraded and the higher the level the more Energy you will get when we release the next update.

PS: This also illustrates the flaw with the current system, players had a lot of gems and coins that felt useless, so they were not spent on anything as upgrading was not really interesting and gems could only be spent on opening crates/getting researchers.


Great :joy: its not that i buyed coins with all my gems to upgrade modules :joy:

I would much rather have back the value of coins as gems and decide on what u waste them
So for a lvl 10 module you would get 10.000 coins = 500 gems and so on


I understand, but it’s still funny. I’m not sure the statement “almost everyone who tries cfpro has a really fun time playing it” has all that merit though, as cfpro has been a completely new game several times after release. With each update you change a few crucial features to how the game works, and this has resulted in the loss of many players. One month, player x, y and z love the game since the system is just right for them, but then a giant ball of changes comes and wrecks the game they loved. Since the game has become so convoluted, each tiny change you make drastically impacts the gameplay. Assuming the pattern continues, the amount of players playing the game will decrease over time. If the game was built on a simpler concept, the game would appeal to more players and each update wouldnt have massive backlash like cfpro updates have had. Considering cfpro was originally overly complex for a snake game, and the constant frustration you cause your players, I dont see this game surviving in the long run. I’m afraid you got caught with your pants down in the no man’s land of small games. Listen to the entire community, not just the ones who agree with your new vision for cf and maybe you wont get shot in the dick.


Such as increasing the power gap between minimum level and max level from 1.95 to 2.85 times as powerful. A solid start to making sure new players weren’t punished so harshly. :joy:

Even though I have my doubts about the power rotation system, I am glad to see this leveling system be completely removed. I went on a bit of a rant about how ridiculous the imbalance was in this reply; explaining how even something as small as a 3 level difference lead to the power being able to steal nearly twice as many points Defense vs Offense


By refunding upgrades in play points you set a lvl 2 upgrade for like 10 coins equal to a lvl 10 upgrade for 10.000 coins :joy: seems fair right :joy: @XCS

Better would be to give us the amount of coins we used in form of gems back and we decide on what we use them. lvl 10 = 10.000 coins = 500 gems. lvl 9 = 5000 coins = 250 gems …



although i agree about your skill/luck ratio comparison, i like cf pro cuz it requires almost entirely different kind of skill… and i dont see how this update is towards the direction of original formula. the game is still gonna be more of less same.


When I mentioned making it better for new players I was referring to the knockout mode and dying when hit (instead of just losing points). Before, a new player would just get single-shoted in 2s and lose the entire game, having to wait again for matchmaking, join again another game just to be eliminated again in 20seconds. Also, we had upgrades from the start in the game, initially the size of fevers and bullets would change instead of attack/defence values, but that lead to the game being inconsitent, and hard to predict and balance. When we introduced attack/defence we took in consideration the “noob” factor, so asuming that matchmaking is correct, people of the same level would have in theory similar power level.

About migrating to the new system, keep in mind that players who upgraded already took advantage of most of their level upgrades during their games. Think of the migration as buying a new phone, you still keep most of the apps you have from the old phone and you can sell the phone for a percentage of its initial cost, all while you still enjoyed the old phone and it was cool to have “the best phone” at that time. We don’t change the system just for the sake of changing or to make some players lose part of the progress, we change it because the old one had major flaws which could not be solved without replacing core components of that system.

I am not trying to get defensive about our decisions, I just wanted to explain what our mentality was at the time we made those changes. :slight_smile:

@meow I think Kronches said the game is more towards CF2 , as now, with the removal of upgrades, every ability and ship will be equally powerful.

@stellan Actually game mode stays the same, only meta game changes, and we have already started implementing “cool colors” and “customization”. For the lags we recently added US servers, increased the amount of EU servers, improved our networking code and added extra stats to know when “lags” happen for clients so we can see whenever something is wrong. :smiley:


Well, but at least giving a 10,000k upgrade a different value then a 10 coin upgrade would be nice. And tbh what advantages does the old “phone” have? It feels like all the time you played to get coins is for nothing

If this is what you r going to do its just sad. And far from fair


One thing I am hoping to see through this is the modules get closer to balanced. I’ve seen people joking about how imbalanced different modules are and part of what contributed to that is the leveling system.

The leveling system just lead to a lot of mixed stats; where changes are being made based on, say, how this level 7 was performing against a level 5, or how that level 9 was performing against a group of 5’s through 9’s, etc.

Now that all modules are being put on an equal playing field, we can get a better idea on what changes need to be made.


and now because of the the fact that we are given random powers we will never know who is the most skillful.
You are removing one unfair element from the game but adding something which would hinder ur own objective :stuck_out_tongue:

or maybe the random nature of the powers over a long period of time will not hinder it?
umm idk


On average everyone will have the same powers, it’s not about who is the best in one day :smiley:


yea but what if i keep one account as my “rank account” and i play on that account only when i have my desired combo and i make one “playing account”.
So on average everyone will not have same powers. the top ranked accounts will be the people who play only on selected days.

or am i wrong


or u can like make 10 accounts and play from that one account which have best powers on a particular day. lol