New way of playing Curve Fever


Hello everyone!

We are passionate to make Curve Fever a great social and competitive experience. We want our game to be fun to play for free and an even better experience for players who have some money to spare.

Right now the power upgrade system stands in the way of making a truly social and competitive, as it doesn’t allow players to play with their friends in a fair level playing field. Therefore we have been looking into ways on how we can replace this system.

The main reasons the power upgrading system doesn’t fit our game are:

  1. Upgrading powers makes people who are more vested in the game more powerful, meaning they can beat new players easily. When you want to play with your friend, who is maybe new to the game, this feels unfair. Also because of the power difference, players never know who is truely the most skillful player.
  2. The game is still heavily skill based. Upgrading of powers help, but it is not the most important thing to do. Therefor, players are not really focussed, nor excited to upgrade their powers.
  3. The whole interface for upgrading powers (including the locked crates) is difficult for new users to understand.

However, we also want to keep a few things that are cool about the current system:

  1. People like to mix and match different powers.
  2. People also like to get really good at a certain power combination.
  3. There is a large variety of different powers in the game (and not the same powers over and over again)
  4. We want players to always be able to play the game for free.

So we came up with a new system, that should have a good gaming experience for free players and an even better gaming experience for paying players.

  1. The upgrade system will be removed. All the powers will be the same for everyone. (Powers will be heavily rebalanced to reflect this). There will also be no coins anymore.
  2. We introduce Power rotation! Every day you get 3 free powers to play with that have an infinite amount of uses. Also, in crates you now also get points for powers. This means that you can mix and match multiple powers a day. Once the points for a power are used, you can still play with any power you desire by using some energy. Energy can be bought for gems. Before being able to play with a power you still have to unlock it by getting to the appropriate XP level.
  3. Players can play with any power combination to get a crate (also with the same ones over and over again)
  4. The number of crate slots is reduced from 8 to 4, XP you get out of a crate is proportionally increased.

Beside this we are also adding customization in the near future. How that will work we will explain in an other blog post.

We understand that many players have invested a lot of time in the game and upgraded their powers. Although there are many good things in this update, it can still feel as a loss. To reimburse these vested players, we will give 5 power points for each tournament level they upgraded their power towards. So if you have a lvl 1 laser, that is a lvl 9 tournament level, you will get 45 power points for laser. Meaning you can use laser in 45 games.

We are really excited to release this system soon and think it will have a good balance for new and experienced players alike.

Paying energy to play the game is bull
I give up :/
The update is still terrible

How will the non-spent coints be reimbursed? Will they get converted to gems, or as power points?


Non spent coins will disappear. They won’t be reimbursed

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 03-12-2018 | 1.5.0

Ok. When?


We don’t know yet exactly, but within a week from now


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: What will be a (roughly approximate, I obviously assume the details might be changing) price of energy for gems?


WOW. This is kinda disappointing tbh.


  • First its really unfair for players that worked really hard to upgrade certain powers (those 5 playing points are not a real reward for the amount of time some players have put into this game). I mean why did I even bother to get as many gold crates as possible every day just to get scatter on lvl 10 :joy:
  • Playing with a certain power for a limited time only? Are u serious :joy:
  • Unless you give out a humongous amount of playing points one can never play with his favourite module for every game. Unless you give us the module points as distributables (the player chooses if it is a laser/scatter/whatever playing point.

  • But balancing will be more crucial then ever before and tbh I cannot believe that you will be able to balance this out, since it was never really balanced :joy: cant wait to see what the new OP strat is gonna be.

  • With giving us 3 modules per week or so … this is gonna be very boring i guess if everyone playes with the same combination.


  • It will be very good for new players joining.

  • And probably be “fair” :joy: if you dont mess up the balancing.


You might lose older players with this update… I personally am disappointed from what i read… but we will see…


This basically is calling for a rank reset cause the whole system of the game is going to change.


We are currently thinking of 5 gems per energy, with bulk discount that can make it cheaper than 4 gems per energy


We heavily considered resetting the rank (as some players rank might have been altered by their higher level modules) and we actually wanted to do it but there are several problems in doing so:

  • Most players (apart from the pro players and the ones frequenting the forums) will be confused when their league progress will suddenly disappear. We don’t currently have a seasons system where we can say “season ended, your rank was reset”, most players will just see it as a bug or as a bad thing. We do not have the time at the moment to implement a proper rank reset experience for the players, so we thought it was better not to do it for the next update.
  • After the rank is reset the matchmaking has a lot to suffer in the first days/weeks as everyone is matchmade with everyone, so many bronze players will be matchmade with GMs, lose very hard and have a bad experience.

To sum it up, we actually wanted to reset the rank but the within the current system most players will be negatively affected by it.


@Geert Thanks for the info, with this at least we can do good last-time choices to mitigate the sadness on the wasted effort :smiley:

As for update I’d say I don’t really care much overall, I can’t really tell if this will be better or worse. I guess I had already stopped caring for module upgrades anyway back in the time when instead of getting longer jump it was only a jump with higher defense etc. (the +0.01s doesn’t count). So I don’t mind I guess :slight_smile: However I fear Line’s concern

is gonna be a problem. How about something like:

  • basic crate gives gems, XP, and some energy for 1 module
  • bronze crate gives more gems, more XP, and (on opening the crate) a choice between two modules for which you want your energy
  • silver crate for a choice between three modules
  • and gold crate between four.
    This would kinda mean you actually care about if you get good or average crates, because with good crates you have better possibilities to become good at your certain favorite power combination?


While i get your second point of newbies having a bad experience, the first one could easily be solved by just putting some news in the in game news part where you normally see the next tournament.

But yea ranks will change drastically for every one i believe and some that were good with one combi and cannot use it anymore might lose a ton of rank … therefore i was suggesting a reset. But yea i get the point of the bad user experience in the new game (you will have that with seasons as well tho)


I would personally like to earn skins, and/or colors for my ships. I would spend gems or coins on that. I was a fan of CF3 although the majority of the community didnt really enjoy it. I liked the special events in CF3 where we would have to collect candy canes to unlock holiday themed skins. I would really like for this to be a thing yet again. I had all the color for CF3, white, purp, and the two holiday colors.


It smells like were moving back towards cf2 every day… Hopefully it will turn into cf2 remastered after 25 more updates change the entire game again!


Yeah, I guess there is really not that much reason for a reset, matchmaking meant you played a lot with players on your level, and they had similar upgrade levels as you. And even in the matches you played against silvers you didn’t receive this much rank. So I really don’t think there is great risk someone was a great player then and will be a terrible player now. And rank reset is always bad for community, both the confusion, and the period of random matchmaking, and the feel of your previous progress being wasted.

The last one is especially important now, because without rank reset one can at least console themselves with a thought that their time spent on upgrading modules was not wasted because thanks to those upgrades they were able to get better rank points. (If I kept everything as low as my bad powers and didn’t care for getting coins for upgrades, I would’ve probably stood no chance against any GM because they are both better players and they had their lvl 8/9 modules. With some of my good powers for which I cared, I was able to get some significant amounts of rank points from GMs which is something - this means the time for upgrades was not a total waste.) Upgrades are gonna be useless now when module levels don’t survive, but at least they were not useless for all the rank points obtained so far, so if rank survives then the purpose of having cared for upgrades somewhat survives, at the least.

If someone really gonna be significantly worse now than before (e.g. he’s terrible with anything except for this one combo), their rank will drop anyway, because as long as they are overranked they will be matched against players over their real level and keep losing. Guess you could implement some system that decays rank if someone doesn’t play anything for an extended period of time (with possibility to quickly regain it when returning to playing, akin to CF3 system) so that there is no problem with “this player is still #1 from old system and nobody can reach him in the new system”, but I gonna agree that anything more that that is not worth the confusion that rank resets bring.


Well, we are only removing the upgrades, not the powers, I personally (and probably most of the CFP players) think the gameplay is more fun with on-demand power activation and stealing points than the CF2 system with random on-field pick-ups and mostly camping. :smiley:


True that, but not being able to play with the modules i want sounds ridiculous :joy: and i am concerned that that will be the case


ageed with geert ,all this changes for newcomers and make a fairer game,its painful to me though bc i spent lots of hours farming/grinding and can deal with power upggrade removal ,im lvl 30 as well currently i have 1500 gems and 5000 coins saved up,pls i dont wanna lose them,those are my fears,
P.S i’ll be always curve fever lover and i know all this is on benefit to all of


We want players to be able to experiment with all the powers so they will have daily a selection of powers to play with (3 free powers, 2 free energy daily, plus all the power points for random powers you get in the crates that you earned the day before or points you still have not used). We do realize that if you want to play with only one combination an entire day you will eventually run out of the free uses for that combination and the only way to play more with the same combination is to purchase energy. Keep in mind that we also removed all connections between powers and crates (the only thing that “forced” players to play with different combinations to make sure that not everyone uses the OP stuff in 100% of matches). We hope that with this new system there will be the same (or even more) diversity of powers used each game, that all powers are equally powerful and that players can enjoy the game for free.


While I was joking to a certain degree I still find it funny how the game has started to move back to a more even playing field like cf2 was. I think since players are still playing cf2 after so long indicates the game definitely had something going for it, and when the game gradually got more complicated with cf3 and cfpro it started to lose the competitive aspect that made curve fever a good game. Cf2 offered the highest skill to luck ratio of all 3 of the games, and that’s why it continues to live on. I think since cfpro continues to change drastically it can be inferred that this is because the game is not doing as well as it needs to. Geert probably realized the cf2 formula was generally well received and with every update this game gets, it continues to move back to to the said formula. If this is the case I think it’s the right move for the reasons I have already stated.


You must be joking right :joy: since that never happened in the past year :joy: