New version bugs


Hi, I have 2 bugs with the new version :

1/ I often get this message after entering a lobby as a spectator, quitting and re-entering :


–> Yesterday, after have joined some other lobbies, I get during all my session several messages saying something like “A new game started without you”…

2/ Today I get this new one, I try to join a quickplay where there is some place, but the playlist is said full and I am considered as a reserve player :

(one can see that the last spot is free)

Some help please ?


Hi! Yes these are recurring bugs with the latest version. They are known and will be patched soon - at least the “Already in a group” one, and hopefully the other one will be included as well. Let’s see after the next patch if these issues still occur for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer :heart_decoration:


Hi @Kael I just deployed a new patch version with some fixes.
See Dev blog | Matches update for more details.

The quickplay issue with the reserve player will be patched in the upcoming days.


Thanks a lot @Rojoss, good job! :+1: