New Update


Every time I go from large screen to regular, through the [esc] button during a game, the game lags and slows more. Likewise, more lag is portrayed even though there is nothing wrong with my computer :confused

Maybe it’s me, but, thanks.


Interesting, maybe you are on US servers while not being from the US or likewise with the european server. For me the US servers are far slower but you can actually change the settings to only play in your region.

Also why would you change from large to regular screen midgame. If it is a lil laggy in the lobby it is not really a problem right?


Sometimes I change…it’s occasionally just a matter of convenience.

For me, if I do that, sometimes the graphics get fuzzier.


Yea, I use the US servers, and I’m in the US.

As for me changing mid-game, it’s because the game always goes into full-screen mode whenever I press Quick Play. A game immediately begins and to be honest, I prefer regular screen. Press esc, and thus lag throughout. I lose rank no matter what :confused:


You can simply disable the fullscreen in game settings