New update review


Yay, No energy for this new update and unlimited use of powers. I am so happy about his but I really wish that we could use more powers in a game besides 2 of them. I think it would be really fun because it would be more exciting (in game: stealing points).

this is my opinion so dont think you have to like it it is ok if you don’t


We need a KO mode back. It truly represents who was the best. Currently, now you do not want to be the first ever, especially if you’ve hit 200 score.

Yes, there were some less viable or/and useless modules, but there will always be less powerful modules no matter what.


Once they decide to make multiple modes we def need that you r right. It was super fun and very much different then the one we have now. Also a teammode would be nice hehe XD


KO mode made first place totally useless. Only thing that mattered was not getting last in a game.

Anyway, more gamemodes would be very cool indeed!


I don’t think so… if you got first you were immune to get KO’d the next round so that was crucial… and it was very much fun to kill others an be the last man standing :joy:


I used to love cf3 ko mode,we could apply some bases from cf3 by keeping up our earned points to do it less unfair/useless


I think that every week or hour it changes gamemode. Because when you can choose with gamode you want the matchmaking is realy long.


Absolutely right.
We can’t imagine multi game modes while there is an average of 5 to 10 players ready simultaneously

You mean being able to switch powers between rounds ? Sounds cool but the current system is also nice. And I think it could create multiple problems like mainly not having enough time to do it between rounds.
If you meant having more than 2 powers in a round, it would be just super messy. xD

Past things always look better. That’s nostalgy. IMHO I think the current system is better and better-balanced.
But yeah it’s obvious that a bunch of experienced players wants this back. Maybe one day in multi modes.

Maybe the community is not big enough for now. :man_shrugging:


I mean for dif game modes


In the current gamemode being 1st is actually a disadvantage, even if you are winning by a point (because people cannot see numbers for some odd reason but yet can see your fancy name having 249 points over someone that has 248), whereas in KO, you’d be safe from the elimination. That way, every round was very important and you did not want to play idiotically just because being first is actually a disadvantage.