New Update Lag



I was playing with @Nick98 and we thought the party was cool until holy mother of gods lag lag and more lag games crashing resulting into loss of trophys @Nick98 lost literlly 25 trophies in one game. please fix the party. anyone else experiencing this? or does my school internet suck?


I had some issues with lag as well.


Do you still notice a lot of lag?
In our metrics we don’t really see a difference in fact the servers seem to be performing better than before.

Please also make sure you are playing on the correct region if you experience lag.
You can set the region lock in your profile to make sure you only play in either EU or US.


Some players including me have weird ping jumps that happen more frequently since the latest update. My regular ping is around 50 but suddenly it jumps up to 5000 or something like that which makes it unplayable for a while :joy:

Idk if that has to do with the game or our connections tho (would be weird since it has increased since the update for more players)