New Update Idea?


Hi everyone!

I had some ideas for CFP updates that could maybe be added or thought about, and I’ve planned them pretty well.

So lets get started?

  1. Powerup Rarities
    So we’ve already seen this in CFP before, but then they were removed and changed to the amounts of powerups with energy, then currently to just different powerups. These are all good ideas, but I personally prefer the rarities of the powerups. That way there could be different varieties to the combos and there could be more balance between the players. The powerups could be obtained through the shop or crates, like before, and that brings me back to the next idea.

  2. Powerup Upgrades
    Again, we’ve seen this, but it would be really nice to have it back. Currentley the crates are really boring, as only having XP, and it would be nice if we could have the coin or other currency upgrade function. The powerups could have different power points on them, like before, and maybe there could be a few other powerups?

  3. New Powerups
    So these are a few of my ideas of some powerups that can be added:

-Point Magnet
Legendary Powerup
It would be nice to have a powerup that could steal taken points in a radius around the player.
Eg: Blue has Point Magnet, goes near yellow, yellow hits red with single shot, points that should have gone to yellow go to blue, because yellow is inside the radius.
This of course has to have a duration of the activity of the point radius around the player, otherwise it would be too powerful.

-Double Laser
Legendary, or maybe a higher rarity above legendary (Mythic?)
Laser is already a very good powerup, but to make it even better for the master players, there could be two lasers shot, like double shot, and there could be absolutely no turning when the laser is active.
This kind of powerup would need a very long cool down though, to make it more balanced.

-Ghost Mode
Epic or Legendary
We already have hide self, but it has the disadvantage of not being able to go through walls. Ghost mode could be able to go through walls, but has the disadvantage of being visible and vulnerable (People could still hit you).

-The original Homing Missile
Now I’m not saying is was a mistake changing homing missile to the starter powerup and making it no longer able to go over walls, but in my opinion it wasn’t the best idea. Starter players when they had to use single shot had aiming skills developed and mastered, but homing is essentially aimbot in a nutshell. Let’s hope this gets it changed back to its original state.

And finally the fourth and final idea.
Different gamemodes.
We have currently 3 gamemodes that we players can play, (FFA, Survival, Pickups) if you don’t count teams, that are not available to be played right now. We could have a large scale team of FFA gamemode, a one-powerup only gamemode, (Randomly selected) and maybe a better version of survival, like the 2017 version of CFP, where 1 hit kills you.

So these are my ideas for a future update that could be added to CFP. Lets hope they are taken into consideration and hopefully added soon!



The game is at the moment not being developped… still interesting ideas tho


Yeah, there is no more development going on! Some ideas are nice, but the upgrading was super unfair in the past. Just imagine someone fighting a lvl 10 scatter shot with a lvl 1 scatter shot. The other person will steal 5 times as much and will most likely have a higher skill lvl as well.


Ahhh G̶o̶o̶d̶ times