New Tournament Moderator - Owl


Hey CFPro-ers!

I’m proud to announce that as of now I am the new tournament moderator for CFPro! This means that I will be responsible to organising and running CFPro tournaments each month.

As of yet I’m unsure whether to organise 1 or 2 tournaments a month - feel free to comment your thoughts on that below.

Details on this month’s official tournament will be released soon!

Thank you,
Owl :3


Welcome to the team Owl!

We are happy to see your interest for the cfpro tournaments :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the first tournament to pop up! :smiley:


I don´t play tournaments, but you should do two

one open for everybody and one only for newbies and prospectors… they should have an good announcement in the lobby of course

Good luck


I like the idea, but I feel like there will be too many “pro players” that join with 2nd accounts for newbie and prospect tournaments. My thought for doing 2 tournaments was to do 1 more fun tournament (themed) in the middle of the month and 1 more serious (tryhard af) tournament at the end.


Its possible that some poor people do that but it makes no sence for new players 2 join a tournament with that high skill level like the last one was, no matter what the theme is

so I would give it a try

running and organizing a tournament cost some ours of work so I give you 199 extra respect points for this MR. Owl… you can add them to your rank or get some ice cream :+1:


Great idea :smiley: Im very happy about You as a new moderator <3


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Congratulations! I might consider to participate in tournaments. Maybe one per month (solo) and each quarter one extra for clans/teams?

Good luck running the stuff :slight_smile:


Probably going to be one per month at the moment, though there might be a couple of extra fun tours in and around the place. :slight_smile:


Maybe late, but I HAVE TO. Welcome :heart: