New to curve


New to Curve Fever Pro or already a regular player? Whatever the case may be, this is where all of you lovely curvers can say "Hi":wave: and introduce yourselves to the community! haw do i play


Heyo, thanks for joining the community! If you want me to teach you how to play, just tell me what your in-game username is, and I’ll send you a friend request! Hope you have a great time here!


Okay, I’ll send you request tomorrow, it’s 9:10 here lol. Use < > to steer ship left and right, use ^ to activate power in up slot, use :arrow_down: to activate the power in up slot. Open crates :basic_crate::bronze_crate::silver_crate::gold_crate: for XP, and level up to unlock new powers and get :gem: which can be used to buy skins, battle pass, and powers. There are 30 powers to unlock, and I’d recommend that you don’t buy any powers and use your :gem: to buy a 100 :gem: skin and the battle pass.


Do you have like a personal computer?


no i am trying to get one. my brother can play on his.


Is there any chance that the computer of his is a chromebook?


ya thay both the same computer


i can only go the this


So… sign your Google account in to the chromebook and you’re good


haw do i do that?


Wait they’re the same so just borrow his email and play on his


ok i can try


i will half to sigh out


Anyways, once you’re back, just message me on the forum


ok whut is a forum


Ummmm… this is a forum
Just click on my icon and press the message button


Another resource for beginners Curve Fever Pro - Beginner's guide


Nice pfp!