New Smileys 😅



Please Please make this :sweat_smile: smiley usable in the chat of the game.
I need this smiley :sweat_smile:


I think staff members have far better things to do :sweat_smile:



Yep, I guess more smileys could be added to the game. But they are not the priority atm.


That is nice 2 here :sweat_smile:
the sweatgrinning smiley is just my favourite smiley and i was used 2 do it all the time behind every sentence :sweat_smile:
But thanks to the great Community ive found a new cool smiley which can be done in game and is very close 2 the sweatgrinning smiley : :innocent:
also i appreciate these smileys very much : :stuck_out_tongue: :yum: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::relaxed: which can be also done in game :sweat_smile:



You should try this one :joy: best ever