New SHIPS/ CURVES please?


i think cf pro should implement different curves (ships) with different properties like in cf3.
like different speeds, turn radius, thickness, hole size and so on.

currently the ships different only by visual design and a bit different hitboxes and stuff.

I think this would bring new life to the game


Psst! In the game will be something new, something that everyone will like.

ps: But you do not know it from me!




Something important to say about this, its a great idea, but if it costs real :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:to buy, that would suck. As that will give a advantage, which means pay 2 win, and a lot of people including me will hate that.
Edit: @Ozzzj thanks for the leak.


Nothing will be p2w


i wouldn’t mind that if the new ships would cost real money unless one ship is clearly more powerful than the other.
It should be like in some balanced curves of cf3 like cube wasn’t necessarily weaker than star.
thing is new ships should be balanced… just like the powers are now more or less balanced.


Yeahh i rather different kind of ships (like cf3)than avatars :joy:that’ll be very helpful for players who likes to try different types of speed turn ratio etc