New Ship Ideas, v2


So since angle turns and thin is now permanent (given you’re willing to spam the up/down key), I figured they would work best as “passive powers”. So new ships can probably act as these passive powers.

DEFAULT SHIP: 1 module slot, turning speed of 1, speed of 1, etc. All stats are set to “1” to make it easier to compare ships with others (any stats not specified will be “1”). Also, each ship can be upgraded for gems to decrease hole size, up to level 8.

  • Trigon: Turning speed 1.2, hitbox 0.85.

  • Tetragon: 2 module slots.

  • Pentagon: 3 module slots, turning speed 0.8, hitbox 1.15.

  • Sharpest: Permanent Angle Turns. (Hitbox is clearly visible, and doesn’t “teleport” around when rotating. Ship spawns facing up/down/left/right.)

  • Tiny: Permanent Thin.

  • Tank: Extra life. (0.25s invincibility after the first collision)

  • Tetra-Trigon: Module cooldown 0.6.

  • Tetra-Pentagon: 3 module slots, module cooldown 1.6. (Shift/Space bar activates 3rd module)

  • Leech: Steals points from ships crashing into its curve.


I like the idea, but with the current version of the game having different powered ships would create an unfair advantage for some players (as seen in the past). Having some powers permanent would give a clear advantage to players aswell, and new player could potentially get crushed. This would make the game more luck based than skill.


I tried to make these ships as balanced as possible (remember that the default module slot count is 1).