New Record for most Stolen points in a game! POST YOUR RECORDS HERE!



GUYS I just stole this many points like 5 min ago!!! This has to be a new record on CFP!!!


But no it is not :joy:



What is the record?


Over 900 I think


I will get 1000+


Well, actually, there is already a topic for records (which i made xD)

And also, i own the record for most stolen points in a match (924p) xD


@BIGDROJAS That also means that you’ve lost about 300-400 points. Watch your back. It’s not only about steeling :stuck_out_tongue:


Well @theangelov I beat your score of most points stolen in a game, i got 189 points, and won with 405 points! I just need the video but the replay isn’t showing up for anything!!! So mad!


Wait, you beat most stolen points in a game or most stolen points in a round?
I found it! (the replay system is not working right now)


Ik how come?


Most stolen points in a round!


It’s probably a bug. We should wait until the devs fix it / help us to watch the replay :confused:


I think I have that record :joy: it was over 240 and i ended up with almost 500 points :joy:
I have to admit it was in the old era where triggerbomb was good.


So I close this topic.

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