New Ranking Ideas



I think Curve Fever Pro should add some new ranks, we already have Paper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master, Grand Master. but maybe they could add in Platinum and Ultimate Master. Platinum could be in between Gold and Diamond and Ultimate Master could be the best/last rank.

This is just an idea, and I hope the creators see this and see it as an idea.

Let me know what you thik in the comments!

Have a nice day.


Why should Platinum be a higher rank than gold? Gold is better than platinum because it is rarer.


ya it would go gold, plat, then diamond


It should go Platinum, Gold, then Diamond.


I think there are enough ranks in Curve Fever Pro. If they introduced new ranks, they would either need to make all the ranks above the new ranks more points, or have less stars at the end of ranks. For example, everything could only have 3 stars, so the other new ranks could fit in-between.


No new ranks are needed as almost no one has made it above master 5. The ranks are fine as they are.


plat should be above dia xd


Why should platinum be above diamond? Diamond and gold are both rarer than platinum.


If there was a platinum, it would be under gold.


That’s what I said.


Rank would be almost the same as silver Amethyst would be a cool rank though


Amethyst is purple and there already is a purple rank; Master.


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what’s this :stuck_out_tongue:


it should be either gold, platinum then diamond or gold, diamond then platinum


I like the platinum idea, but don’t you guys think that getting to gold and diamond is hard enough? I mean, in my experience, it took me forever just to even get to gold, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. Adding another league between gold and diamond or silver and gold would be devastating to some players lol.


45%20AM How did I get into this anyway?


If there was a new rank though it would be “Transparent Rank”.


Lower than paper, impossible to get


No, no, no, you got it all wrong. Transparent is one of the highest.


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