New Powerups?



I think we should add a few more powerups.
Six Shot , Double Laser
Laggy fever, Poison Fever
Freeze , Revive
Go thru line for 2 sec , All lines Destroyed mine (Cooldown for 20 secs)
Dark Spot fever
Slowpoke fever
8 shot
Fever Shield

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@SatGamesYT there is a topic about this already. Check out New powers, Lets think?


Yep, I have seen that post before!


Dude @Slugcat your profile pic is trippy. LOL


Yeah i changed lol


Very cool to look very closely


as @BIGDROJAS mentioned above there is already a thread about this topic.
Please post there. I moved some posts there which are important for the discussion.
Link: New powers, Lets think?

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