New powers?


Although I doubt they’ll add it, a clear effects power would be cool. It would, as the name suggests, clear the effects you have. It wouldn’t affect the gameplay too much as it would still take the points, but against stuff like speedy and reverse would be a bit OP.

Another power might be a constant tilting fever. It would make you tilt in the last direction that you traveled in. Like if you hit right, you would tilt right until you hit left or the effect wears off. This would be canceled out by angle turns though.*

A clear shot power could potentially be good. It would destroy any lines within a certain radius upon impact. It shouldn’t steal too much, however. I think that this is the one the devs would least want to be added to the game because it is too much like a mine/bomb.

(Edited) Dark fevers also might be cool. What it would do is it would darken your surroundings, so you can only see a small radius around you, while the rest of it would be black. It could also reveal the locations of other players, but those lights might be smaller.

Please tell me your ideas!

*Angle turns could slowly change the angle at which the curve is going at, but still rotate at 90-degree angles.


clear shot is technically the orignal homing because it used to go through ( or clear ) lines.


I think I remember that…


The third power you are describing reminds me of the OG way one shot used to work.

You could shoot a little hole in lines, I really liked that


Yeah, I used it as one shot and jump back then. It was great.


they should make a power that makes you instantly win the game and get 1000000000000000 gems


probably still wouldn’t be enough to buy all the way to lvl 99


u get the “instant win” power at level 1


:smiley: lol


Why would they make a power like that?


They should make a power that let’s you do a 360 and a power that lets you go through one wall, and come back through the other.


they should have a pickup that resets the map similar to the pickup in curve fever 2 that destroyed all the lines


Rather they should remove the pickups mode at all :wink:


uh 360 would just mean going straight


tru dat


Actually a passive power that rewards you a single gem per victory would be great :3

It would be taking a space for one power and nothing besides giving you gems.


tele should be modified so you can choose where you want to teleport instead of having to tele in a straight line. And, why only one gem? It should be at least 5 gems per win.


Teleport is enough good. And how will you choose where exactly to go though?

One gem since everyone will be farming either way. Maybe two won’t be bad either and custom matches shouldn’t reward you gems.


laser should be modified so instead of not being able to move when it’s about to shoot you can move


although that might actually make it way too op