New powers, Lets think?



Guys can we make news powers for curvefever? We only stop at rank 25 but what if we continue to level up? What new powers will be available to use after achieving level 25?


higher level - prestige


What if devs had a hidden prize for the first to lvl 40?

Oh shit… Time to tryhard.




It would make people want to keep playing because there would be even more powers to get. Think about it, what if they added secret powers to the battle pass? That’s a good one!


I think powers in the battle pass should only be super trolly and useless. idk like making urself change colour or maybe change ur ship into a fish. Or maybe it could send out a fever which shoots coins which do nothing.

or a bomb which throws unicorns across the screen.

otherwise its kinda unfair on people who join later in the game.


But in terms of a serious power, a “tall wall” power would be cool, which turns your line into a steel wall which can’t be destroyed by bombs or jumped over.

Maybe it just blocks even throwables from passing it.

this would be double edged, as you would be able to block others from taking ur path, but you would also block yourself in.

Another nice one would be an erase fever you can shoot every 40 seconds, and once it lands it takes 10 seconds to activate.


That sounds really cool, what if they made a power call Rolling Thunder. With that power you can send lighting strikes that steal other players points! BOOM!! How about that!

Other suggestions?


Other Ideas I have for the game!

  1. Rolling Thunder- ability to take points from every player in the game, send multiply lighting strikes
    2.Ghost Protocol- ability to turn invisible and able to go through walls!
    3.Power dash- ability to have super speed and able to crash wall enabling to destroy without crashing.
  2. Ka-Boom- ability to send an enormous bang that destroys anything in its path (only walls)
  3. Resurrect - ability to come back from crash. Once per ever round in the game!
  4. Re-Wind- able to travel one sec back!
  5. Freeze- able to stun person for 2 sec and makes person slide across without moving.

More coming in the way! Stay tuned!


how about a power that you can use and will give all fevers effects you have to all the other players (or just the ones who used the fevers)


my new power ideas!!
1.Miner: go under the map, making trails yourself, and when the effect wears out (3 or 5 sec.) the trails you made pop up (in my opinion it’s a bit overpowered but it will be available at lvl 50 or 40) cooldown 15 or 10 seconds
2.Bomberman: shoot a trail of tiny bombs behind you (size 1 or 0.1) cooldown 10 or 5 seconds (available at lvl 30 or 27)
3.Reset: resets your whole trail and others (cooldown 10 sec.)(must be bought with money)
4.Spaz: a throwable, if a player picks it up, the player will curve in random directions, spazzing out mostly (level 28 or so)
5.meteor: have mines/meteors fall in a 25 unit radius of you
6.Donate:(not really a fever but something you should add) have players donate crates to eachother
7.Fever: has tiny radius (usually 1 or 0.1) makes players have the mushroom effect and steal points overtime like 1% - 5% per second
8.Power Juice: not really a fever, but make it a thing: random balls drop on the platform and make the players’ fevers regenerate faster, it will have a time lasting probably 5-10 sec.
9.Time Bubble: makes a bubble that slows players down and steals 1-10% per second they’re in there, it will or whould last 5-10 seconds
10. Curve Fever: the ultimate fever, it will activate all of the players’ fevers when activated, using their own fevers against themselves (at lvl 80 or 50 or in the battle pass at lv 50)

the most likely fever to be added: time bubble (my opinion)
copied suggestion:
Crayola Shot: This module shoots a crayon that traces a random-colored trail that will hurt your opponents and/or benefit yourself. The ability depends on the color:

  • Red- Acts like a barrier, but only for opponents. The user, however, is the only one to go through it.
  • Orange- This slows down every ship for 2 seconds. This is an appropriate substitute for Brake.
  • Yellow- Every time your opponent is on this line, 8.5% of his/her points will be taken.
  • Green- The user of this color will gain 3.5% more points for every 2 seconds. The duration lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Blue- For every ship that goes through it, he/she will get a super shield that lasts for 1.5 seconds.
  • Indigo- If one of your opponents go through it, he/she will be infected by a random fever.
  • Violet- For every opponent that goes through it, it will be poisoned and lose 3% of their points for every 3 seconds. The poison duration is 12 seconds.


Sounds good my friend, level 100 is to long to get maybe around 30-40.


I think more powers from cf2 will be awesome, for example the power that switches everyones colors


My suggestion of new power type: have defense items that heve effect without using them (passive) Things like fevers do 20 % less damage. Or your shots go 15 % faster


My personal participation.

  1. The Death Launcher, a single-shot like that moves 1.5x times slower but kill an opponent instantly instead of stealing points.
    No protection.

  2. The Pure Stealer, a throwable with a classic bomb size that does nothing when you go in but steals you 14% instead.

  3. Reboot, a throwable power that cancels all current active powers in the game during 3secs. Steals 5%. Useful to counterbalance Angle Turns for instance which is really really really too OP when you master it with time bomb or lazer.

  4. Tall Wall from @Owl is a really interesting idea too.

“tall wall” power would be cool, which turns your line into a steel wall which can’t be destroyed by bombs or jumped over.

Defense : 60%

Or this version :

Maybe it just blocks even throwables from passing it.

Defense : 15%

  1. Fast Turns makes you turn twice narrower. Working pretty much like Thin.
    Protects : 50%

  2. Meteor/Bomberman from @Soapman pleases to me

Meteor : have kind of little mines fall (2 per sec) in a 25 unit radius of you during 5sec. They stays 30secs in game before fading and then disappearing.

Steals 2.5% per meteor

  1. As well as Time Bubble from @Soapman again .

Time Bubble : makes a bubble that slows players down (at the same speed than Brake) and steals 1% per 0.5 seconds they’re in there, it will or whould last 5-10 seconds

  1. Spacequake : Create a spacequake that destructs everything around you in the same radius than Time Bomb has.
    Steals 7.8%

  2. Worm Hole : You can travel through the screen. If you go up, instead of crashing on the top game line delimitation, you appear at the bottom game line. Interesting to surprise you ennemies.
    Protects : 16%

  3. Position Switch (throwable) switches the position of the player that goes in the power with another random player. Then, both players can’t die for 3 seconds (go through walls and can’t trigger fevers when they go in).
    Steals : 4%

  4. Mirror from @theTCHF

how about a power that you can use and will give all fevers effects you have to all the other players (or just the ones who used the fevers)

Duration : 0.4 secs
Cooldown : 12 secs
Protects : 5.5%

  1. Space Armour, protects you at 75% the time it is activated. Otherwise, it does nothing.
    Duration : 6 secs
    Cooldown : 8 secs

  2. Teleportation. When you activate it, you are teleported at a random position on the map. You can’t die for 2.5 seconds (go through walls and can’t trigger fevers when they go in).
    Protects : 14%

  3. Gravitation Law, you attract your oponents at a certain radius. They direction are forced toward you. The closest they are from you, the powerful Gravitation will affect them. (not too strong, only few pixels)
    Protects : 18%

  4. Planet launcher, launch a bomb sized fever with 100% opacity to hide the map and moves straight by itself (you don’t have to keep pressing the key). Moves at the same speed than Homing. Steals 6.7% if it hits an opponent

  5. Schrödinger’s Cat : When enabled, you have a probability of 0.5 to be affected by fevers.
    Protects : 30%
    Duration : 6s
    Cooldown : 8s

  6. Black Hole : Throw a black hole with a Time Bomb size. The longer a player will stay in the black hole, the more points will be stolen. The lines and powers that were inside the area are disintegrated. As Gravitation Law works, players that go inside the Black Hole will be attracted to it center.
    Duration : 15s
    Steals 4% per second
    Cooldown : 15s

Tell me the one.s you like the most!


Official CF2 pwups:

Topic for new pwups ideas in CF2:


@Owl Actually Tall Wall + Speed Burst or Speedy would be too OP x)


How do we get this on the game tho?? All our ideas? Which are great ones too, I like to say thank you guys for putting your ideas!


How about a freeze trap that stays 4s and makes your characters turns wider and if a player steps in it you gain on average 7, maximum 16 and cooldown of 6s


color of the power is blue