New powers and upgrades (IDEAS, PEOPLE!)



Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been playing CFP on a new account and I started thinking: We need upgraded powers, new powers, and power rangers (okay, maybe not the last one). So below I made a list of what I’ve got so far. BUT I can’t do it alone! Join me and share your ideas! :wink:

What I have so far:

Chaingun: controlled shooting (limited ammo) by holding down the button
Plow: go through lines while making a wide path around you for a limited time (basically a more powerful power dash)
Invisible Fever (for teams): a fever to make your fellow teammates invisible!
Thin fever (for teams): a fever to make your fellow teammates thin!
Thick fever (upgrade): makes you thick, but also makes you invulnerable to shots (if you’re bigger you’re more powerful, right?)
Warp: lets you warp through the game walls for a limited time (inspired by the April Fool’s Day event) :wink:

I’ve also been thinking of a power upgrade system, where you can upgrade your powers maybe two or three times to make them absorb more points (for example, Thick steals 13% of your points, and you can upgrade it to steal 20% after you level up). We could maybe do like an XP system, and allow players to pick a power they want to upgrade every time they get 10 gems.

Those are just a few ideas I have. Get on the forum and share your ideas! :smiley:


Absorb:You have to be in a certain radius of a player, and then you can activate it. After that, it will absorb 5 points every second from the other person/people in the radius until someone/you leave it. It would be a higher level powerup.


Good idea! it’s like a more powerful zap.


Another one(no joke intended):Bouncy projectile would bounce on walls and lines and keep bouncing until it hits a player. Once it hits a player (with similar damage to one shot) it would disappear.


Why are there so many topics about new powers? That is not what CFP needs right now, and the state of the game is balanced as it is. Also, many of the new ideas you had for powers would be ridiculously overpowered. Chaingun and plow would ruin the meta, both would be OP. Thick is good as it is, and a buff would make it too powerful.


Well, I highly doubt that CFP would even consider adding any of them, but it’s community fun. As long as we’re getting together and sharing ideas, isn’t that good enough? :slight_smile:


Again, like sheep has said no new powers are needed the game is currently very balanced a thin fever is the ONLY thing that the devs could consider the rest of these powers seem like such sh*t tbh :expressionless:


(CUT) A power that can cut through lines but costs points


NO just stop, just stop lichenmoss is just copying another topic. they both are worthless delete them.


Dude, why are you being so toxic? Read my reply to SHEEP.




Nuclear Bomb. Cooldown time 1 second and steals 100% of points and kills everyone immediately. You need 100,000 gems for it though.


Hunter the cooldown should be 1 min lmao


xD Yea, the Pig’s right. But I think that’s rather too powerful. I mean, 100% points? Like wtf.


even 25% would be way to OP


Ya. We already have Scatter and Zap, which both do approx. 20%. (Use them combined lol It’s devastating)


Bro one kid I saw was gud with both of them and he said he stole a total of 580


Lmao I don’t think he’s lying. I used it too. I went from last to first immediately, and by far.


That was a joke.


I agree