New Power-ups



They should add some new powers ups, maybe like a black hole that sucks in the nearby player or and eraser that removes all the lines drawn by the players.

They could also add a new rank, maybe like the ultimate league.??


They could also add a vampire-esque fever that sucks up the nearby player’s points, which the effect lasts for about 3-5 seconds at most


that is what every power does steals points but not passive lol
I made a topic about new updates already


There are plenty of powers as it is (although they should be more spread out, you unlock them all way too fast). These powers (black hole and eraser) aren’t great…

Eraser is too powerful. It would make games take too long and would give the player too much power over the game. Even if the player could use it once per game after a 120 second cool down, it would still be too powerful. It could, however, erase lines within a radius of 150. It would have to have a long cool down, because it would essentially be a better jump.

I don’t entirely understand how black hole would suck players in. Would it force the player to turn toward it, or keep the players rotation and just change the position? How much would it pull players in? How long would it last? What range would it have?

I don’t quite understand what makes this different from zap? Would it steal less but give fewer iframes, would it have a larger range?

I don’t think that new powers would be bad, I just think that they should be balanced and not make other powers useless.


If this sucky power-up did come then it would need to be a fever or mine and the point stealing should last 10 secconds and be about 6.7% steal rate


I’m surprised they don’t have a power up that prevents players from going into holes (like fever type) probably only taking about 8-9% but for the costs that all holes for the player gets covered up (10 seconds).


It was just an idea, but it would be more fun if there was a bigger variety.


That would be sooo usless think of something that could speed you up and make your turns quicker like the current size of the full circle curve would be 10 the quick turns would make it 6-5