New Power: Trickshot




Type: Bullet
Steals: 11%
Normal Cooldown: 4.5s
After Hit: 1s
Bullet Speed: 7 (Slightly faster than one shot)
Explosion size: 16

In-Game Description:
Shoot a fireball and steal points. Upon hitting a player, significantly reduce the cooldown of your powers.

When you hit a player, all abilities will be reduced to 1s. (If the cooldown of the other power is less than one second, nothing happens.)
If a power is in use, (For example, you activate shield after you fire the bullet, only after shield is deactivated does the 1s cooldown come into effect.)

Tell me what you think of this power, especially devs.
If you think it is too powerful (probably), perhaps the cooldown only affects the other ability or only trickshot. Or nerf how much it steals, or the reduced cooldown time.

  • Trickshot bad, plz buff
  • Trickshot balanced (really?)
  • Trickshot op, plz nerf

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I don’t think the game needs any new powers.


I am with hunter50756 on this.