New power: Time Traveler



Name: Time Traveler or “Ctrl + z”
Normal Cooldown: 4.5s
Protects: 20%

When activated, you “teleport” back to the place you were 2s ago (lines you made 2s ago are also deleted)

Optional: There is small indicator on your line which tells where you will be be teleported (only you can see this).

This power can be used in many situations, lets say you somehow end up in path where there is no way out, or you are forced to collide into enemy power, well no problem, just use Time travel and choose diffrent route.

(My english suks <3)


Really like the idea!
Cooldown a little short though since this can be used to avoid fevers/mines.


yeah ur right, cooldown should prob be higher. I just wrote stats without thinking much about it