New power suggestion about curvefever



Hi everyone, I think most of you pro player are boring at the power in game, here is my few suggestion for developer and all of player in this sever. Here are my few suggest powers

Meteor shot: shot a big fireball and steal the point.
steal: 12.3% cooldown: 4 sec size:35 speed:5 explosion size: 47.5
Charge Dash: Dash a short distances after a short charge.
(Tip: This power will be interrupt if you lost point for any reason while you are charging.)
(Tip: You cannot be steal the point when you dash)
charge time: 0.5s duration: 0.1s speed multiplier: 0.4x cooldown: 5.5s

Homing Mine: Throw a homing mine that steals points and clears lines
(Tip: The mine will move to player when it detect player)
steal: 11% action delay: 0.5s trigger size:50 search radius: 40 cooldown: 4.5s

Fever clean: Remove all negative affect that is active on you current and protect some point from being stolen.
Protect: 20% duration: 1.5s cooldown: 5s

Controller-freeze: Throw a controller-freeze fever obstacle that lock player’s controller
steal: 10.5% cooldown: 4s action delay: 0.55s duration: 1.5s

Although I finish writing the new power, but some data still need to be balance, left in comment if you have anything suggestion to my thought. Also, I hope developer can see these and consider it, thanks.


left feedback bellow if you want to say anything to me pls


Hey, If you want to get more responses and opinions, I suggest you write on discord because not many people hang around in the forums. Good Ideas, might be some inspiration for future powers here.


I have already post this in discord, and I just hope more people see this in curvefever form.


umm we are gibing yall idea?


i think i have a few


multi laser




do you have the explanation about your power?


powers only usable when you’re dead. must be equipped before playing, as per usual.

push someone’s fever/mine using a turret (if fever/mine hits a player, you + original fever thrower gets split the points 75-25%) ;p

power must be turned on one second within hitting target ;p


CFP is all about survival. As much as I love stealing, the primary focus of the game is staying alive, while attacking is a bit secondary. This would be a crutch for dead players and encourage dying. It would really ruin the point of the game and mechanics.




i assumed the primary focus of the game was to acquire the most points, which can be done through stealing and/or surviving. not really expecting something with turrets to be further implemented; might be funny to see though