New power suggestion about curvefever(New)

         All of the new power suggestion 
  1. Meteor shot: shot a big fireball and steal the point. steal: 12.3% cooldown: 4 sec size:35 speed:5 explosion size: 47.5
    2. Charge Dash(I change this): Teleport a short distances after a short charge and left a timer bomb behind (Tip: This power will be interrupt if you lost point for any reason while you are charging.) (Tip: You cannot be steal the point when you dash) charge time: 0.5s speed multiplier: 0.5x cooldown: 5.5s range:80
    3. Homing Mine: Throw a homing mine that steals points and clears lines (Tip: The mine will move to player when it detect player) steal: 11% action delay: 0.5s trigger size:50 search radius: 40 cooldown: 4.5s
    4. Fever clean: Remove all negative affect that is active on you current and protect some point from being stolen. Protect: 20% duration: 1.5s cooldown: 5s
    5. Controller-freeze: Throw a controller-freeze fever obstacle that lock player’s controller steal: 10.5% cooldown: 4s action delay: 0.55s duration: 1.5s
    6. Sniper shot: shot a high speed fireball and steal points, the further away you target was, the more you steal Max steal: 16.2% min steal: 12.7% cooldown:4s size:4 bullet speed:10 explosion size: 16
    7. Shotgun shot: Shot 3 middle range fireball and steal point, the further away you target was, the less you steal Max steal: 13% min steal: 10.3% cooldown:4s size:6 bullet speed:5 explosion size:16
    8. Clock mark: Teleport a short distant forward and left a time mark behind, use power again to teleport back and left a hole that clears line. Protect: 13% cooldown:6s duration:10s action delay:0.3s
    9. Multiple bomb: Throw a multiple timed bomb that steals point and clears line, it will form 3 small timed bombs after exploding. (Tip: Target will only get 1 time damage if it hit by multiple bombs) Steal: 14.2% smallbomb steal: 8.4% trigger size:90 action delay:0.5s explosion delay:0.5s smallbomb size:70 smallbomb explosion delay:0.3s
    10. Zap shot: Shot a fireball and steal points, each hitting streak will increasing damage. (Tip: This power will be immediately charge if it hit target) (Tip: The more times you hit, the more you steal) Max steal: 15.7% min steal: 12% max streaks:3 cooldown:4s bullet speed:5 size:6 explosion size:16
    11. Graph twist(special): Throw a special area affect which turn the line 90 degree clockwise inside cooldown: 5.5s action delay: 0.5s affect size:90
    These are all new power suggestion which I think it’s possible to add in game
    Welcome left your feedback down below if you have any suggestion to me