New modules


Maybe it’s time to add some new cool modules to the game?
I miss some variation and new combos.

Some suggestions:

  1. A module that makes you temporarily able to walk over terrain.

  2. A module that makes you a temporarily stand still and make you into a turret, enabling you to make one turret shot which makes double the damage compare to when it does when you die.

  3. A module that steals another players’ module that is in the vicinity. You keep their module until you steals someone else’s.

  4. An alternative version of zap, but instead spikes appear from both sides of your ship.

  5. A module that makes your lines temporarily become a spike-trap. Enemies that get too close to it get their points stolen (obviously).

  6. You temporarily stop and make an illusion of your ship, which continues to fly from the time you used it while you’re standing still (invisible). It then disappears once it gets either hit by someone else or if the time for it has run out. You continue to fly as soon as it “dies”.





There is a subject about new modules every week :stuck_out_tongue:
But devs don’t seem to care about it :stuck_out_tongue:


I made a topic called, “New powers, Lets think” Check it out, lots of power ideas. @Yoshimitsu


How do I find it?


Here, New powers, Lets think?