New Moderators Wanted!


My entry is sent good luck to everyone! :trigon:




You… Are… 16? :thinking:


That was a surprise to me.


I thought you were like 13.


thanks so much for this opportunity @prabh, I accept the new mod position and hope to make the community a better place alongside fellow new moderator @IPBANNEDAGAIN. Once again, thanks to all the people that believed in me along the way.


Seth can you bring back all the players from 2020 - 2019? like sniper and golden


Thank you fellow mod! @Seth
I would also like to thank @prabh and @hohoho !
I know i had a bad record in the past but i’ll like to start again!
Oh yeah and @Rojoss for for giving me another chance,i won’t let you down big dog <3
Thank you all and i hope to see you all in game!



Denys for dev!


yeah @daRealPig im pretty sure you aint 16 i think i remember you said you were like 13 or something? might be wrong just checkin


yea thats true your defiantly not 16


Bruh I have said I am 13 but I lied <3 I wish I was not 16


hmmm Sus


:frowning: but i never imposter in among us i gud bro


The vent opened and you were right there


mods be quitet lol It is everyone cant vent mode


oh nah my life has enough pressure already and a lot of things are happening my chances rest in peace


i remember golden :frowning:
And who is sniper?


Never heard of him


OMG sniper I am Person ifya remember me and miss ya bro I thought you were gone