New Mode Contest?



Currently, this game is a bit stale because of the small playerbase and the lack of variety. A lot of players have been wanting new modes to be implemented into the game. So, I think that it would be cool if a contest was set up where players could submit mode ideas, with the best idea being implemented into the game. Obviously, a new mode would only spread the already small playerbase thinner, so it’s probably best to wait a few months before implementing one (or at least gate the mode off to high-level players).

Here’s roughly how the contest would work:

  1. Players submit a mode idea by describing how their mode would work.

  2. Staff would remove bad ideas and make minor changes to good ones.

  3. Players pick their favorite modes (they can choose as many as they want).

  4. The mode with the most votes would be implemented into the game, with the person that submitted it receiving a prize.

Perhaps it can be done on this forum, with players voting on modes by liking them.


What about bringing back knock out mode like cf3 and arena 3 as well ,with succulent prizes like gold or species ship points


Yes, we should bring back the first game mode ever in CFPro, knockout. This means : speed stacks and energy.


what about bringing the whole cf3? :smiley:


Is there a way to bring back any kind of team vs team modes?

The premium only team mode from curvefever2 would be very cool but i am thinking bout something different.

Simply make 2vs2 or 3vs3 lobbies and count the points of the teammembers together, would really appreciate something like this. If friendly fire is “on” or “off” could be an option.
To indicate the teams, the system from curvefever2, with “hot” and “cold” colors would work i guess, but a united team colour sounds alsonice.

p.s. keep up the good work, i appreciate u guys :slight_smile:


Great idea bro!:sunglasses:


I don’t have any mode ideas yet, however d like if there could be repeated avatars and leader hats in the battle pass ie. if you weren’t there for battle pass S1 and you didn’t get the cookie avatar, it will appear again in battle pass S4 or smthn


dude can u not see that is from 2 year ago dead topic lol


But stil…


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok


the devs are gone this topic is irrelevant


Team Mode would be nice bc i forgot it :cry: