New league finally available :D




ik :joy: already there for a while haha


I know but this is the first time I see it in game :smiley:


Look pretty cool with the bunny haha


I use to love bunny pic +golden frame too,i think with purple frame will be even cooler


yea looks amazing


Man I gotta grind to get into that league


I would like to see it even if im grandmaster :c


yea and stars would look so cool on a purple frame.


Wait so at what rank do you get purple?


Purple starts with 1800. The cutoff for being a GM is 1803 currently, so everyone with a rank of 1800-1803 will be purple. Earlier, GM (red) would start at less than 1800 so we never got to see this color.
On second note, we need more smurfs in the top 100 so that we can see some stars on this purple frame :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm ok. I remember when I was 2nd on the leaderboard right behind Legolas. I liked that time. It was around when people started getting lasr which was way to OP