New Idea, the Trainingroom!



Hey Guys,

in this Topic, i would like to discuss a new idea:
I would love to see a trainingroom for CFP.
In my Imagination, there are transparent tracks which determinate the trajectory of the skills ure using.

Let`s take the double shot for example:
There would be 2 constant paths (transparent/implied) in front of ur ship, which are showing the path of the missle when you would shoot them right now. In this way, you would learn more efficiently when to shoot and therefore you would have much more fun by celebrating your success.

Same goes for Jump:
There would be a constant mark in front of your ship which detemine where you would land, after a jump.

Hope you get the Idea
Best regards,



Hi, @PatPat!

In my opinion, this is a good idea. However, the game is not officially being developed right now even though Rojoss is still doing some work on the game voluntarily. This means that you should not expect this update to go live any time soon but you never know, it might actually happen!

For now, you can still train a little bit from Custom games if you open a room and decide to play it as a singleplayer mode. I would describe it as a freeplay but your imagination is pretty much unlimited there.

If you have any questions regarding my response, feel free to contact me here, in game (Python) or Discord (Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075).



I think there could be a mode with different levels with starting and ending points. Levels would be more and more difficult and would be played without powers. Maybe some powers could be used for some specific levels but it would be imposed and not chosen.

The point would be to start somewhere and find your way through the lines to get to an ending point. This would be a very fun mode if you imagine :laughing: