New Groupings in Matchmaking



I find that the new matchmaking system, where if there are 4 people in the queue, they can play, rather than the average game of 6, useful. Kudos to that!!

However, I have just played a game where I literally did not get any rank for being first. It was just a tedious game.

And if I were to have gotten second or third place, I most certainly would have lost rank.

Yes, yes, all of the players were bronzes but I do know one of them played multiple times before and went under an alias :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, one entreaty I have is to simply not let anyone play a game with zero benefits to them in Quick Match. It’s both tedious and possibly risque with controversy??



Likewise, just a few minutes ago, I lost 20 pts for a game that was bugged for me, and if I were to win, I literally would have won 0 rank.

(I may have terribly edited a word in the chat out because I’m not getting reported again and again :C )

Match Code: uYDiL89Hp.0

It’s not that I want my rank back, it’s just annoying