New gamemode idea: Limited Fuel!



Here’s another idea that could be quite fun:

  1. The ships have limited fuel and they be eliminated when they run out.

  2. İnstead of stealing points, you steal fuel from opponents.

  3. Surviving also gives fuel in the end of the round (like a normal match), but maybe it could be low so you focus on stealing fuel.

  4. There can be small fuel tanks appearing on the map from time to time, which can be collected for extra fuel. (Maybe these could spawn around the middle of the map, suggesting an aggressive strategy.)

  5. The scoreboard at the end of each round could show how much fuel everyone has left, and the steals etc.

  6. You could lose more fuel depending on the round of the match, this can prevent long matches and make rounds more important.

  7. Last alive wins the game.

I think that it would be a great alternative to normal matches because it focuses on stealing rather than surviving. I think this would be a very fun gamemode with lots of funny and cool small events such as lots of players focusing on one fuel tank in the middle of the map :wink:



Definitely interesting.

However, I’m sorry, but I respectfully beg to differ.

In my opinion, the game would be more stressful. Fuel is essentially points, except the fuel tanks can appear along the way. You described possibilities of “lots of players focusing on one fuel tank…” This would be difficult due to the nature of the game, as everyone trying to do that could result in lots of crashes. Rather, stealing from the person who obtained the tank would be a more likely possibility.

Of course, an alternative could be that shooting the fuel tank/stealing fuel from it is a possibility. Hence, getting in close won’t be a necessity.

By last alive, do you mean the last person with fuel? This is highly unlikely to occur. Have you ever seen only one person left with points in a game?

A nice idea to experiment with, though.