New game mode without powers



Hi, I would like to suggest, if it is possible to create room mode like survival but even without defensive mode “vanilla mode” as was the previous versions of Curve fever. Implementation of this should be very cheap (just disable all the abilities).


Vanilla cfp was always with powers tho😉,and it wont be possible,at least in ranked quick games,although we always can play no modules with people agreed to it😊


It can be done by agreement, but without enforcement you cannot create unofficial league. People will join and select powers and it will slow down process and create reluctance towards the idea. So, this setting could allow to create this unofficial ranking without all the hassle.

By my opinion skill to curve is what makes this game fun not the powers.


Like this one, maybe implement different types of curves and it would look like CF3.


Or not even the different types of curves. It would be just all about the curving. No mines to clear paths no jumps, no hiding.