New game mode: Laser Wall Deathmatch | Coming April 19th


You’ve played FFA PRO (Deathmatch). Now, get ready to throw Laser Walls into the mix!

The same rules apply in Laser Wall Deathmatch: six rounds, kill and survive to score points and score the most points to win! However, you can’t pass through the edges of the screen anymore, making you rethink your entire strategy!

Laser Wall Deathmatch releases on Thursday, April 19th. Get ready to get lasered.


lasers will be OP as f***.


What happened with the Bounty Mode?


[CANCELLED] Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-04-2018 | 1.0.14 :slight_smile:


Well then, good luck and have fun everyone :slight_smile:


I’m not sure this is for the better because the laser wall takes away skill from other players. This mode in particular definitely is skill.

Also can the different game modes work in a time based rotation? Cuz one set of people like one mode and another set likes others.


can you shoot through the wall at the beginning?


Wait so do the walls still close in or do they stay where they are the whole match?


It’s funny how the green curve has a triple kill bonus while all six players are still alive. :thinking:


lol true


RIP OPEN WALLS: i.e the only reason I ever even had a chance so far. :’(


I do not really like this new update. I really liked the “open wall” feature of Pro, it was a nice break from CF 2. I would rather have the knockout gamemode back, rather than this “lazy, new” (sorry!) gamemode. I would not mind waiting a longer periode of time for a fix of the bounty gamemode, but Laserwall deathmatch is just an uninspiring update.


Disagree, FFA is really cool and I like the update


+1, I would also rather wait with the current modes so far (e.g. switching modes between ffa and knockout every week to increase variations) and giving the devs time to properly fix Bounty and release it for good :slight_smile: