New game mode idea, capture the flag?


Maybe a ball, where you would have to ‘pick it up’ and that would be the ball. When you pick it up, you gain points slowly as apposed to winning points at the end of the game. Everybody would chase down the flag holder and if the flag holder got hit, they would drop the flag. It doesn’t have to be exactly this idea, but I thought it was an interesting thought.


What if it’s a crown game? In the beginning whoever survive the most at the end of the first round, receives a crown. The next round starts the real match. The player with the crown receives 10 points for every player who dies before him. If a player with the crown get hit/pick a fever, the crown goes to the player who has hit him/throw the fever. Whoever get to 150 points first - wins (There is not points stealing in this game mode.)


Any alternative gamemode would be great honestly, I think a minigames section would have a lot of potential too


We had a very nice gamemode last year,consisted in a football gamefield emulating the fifa world cup😉


game mode name: [reply to me a good name]


Everybody gets bullets/ranged powers

whoever gets hit, gets slower

they all get 10 speed points,

lines are go-through, but cost 1 speed point and the speed point goes to the player’s line you hit
(the player)

get to 0 speedpoints, you become a turret, if you hit a player, you get 1 speedpoint and the player you hit loses a speedpoint

get to 0 five times, you lose


an infinite stage going only to the right, every line, bullet and turret goes to the left ever so slightly

the IF’s:

IF the stage gets crowded with lines, the “moving forwards” of the stage becomes faster

IF the stage gets too fast and the players decide to negotiate to not kill eachother, there will be a time of in total 2 minutes if a player doesn’t get hit, if a player doesn’t get hit, every player loses 1 point, never to be seen again

IF the players all the players hit 0 alltogether, nobody gets 1st or 2nd prize, they all get 3rd prize


players that don’t hit another player when the screen moves past them, respawn, but with 0 speed points and no line, just the ship, continuing as a spectator

the maybe’s

how the game starts

when all but one player is alive, the one player has to kill himself to win 1st place or just be the last one in the server [e.g. annoying other players out the server by staying alive]

turret option

shoots bombs but they have the range of 150
use mouse/finger to place the bomb you want to shoot in the 150 sized radius
bomb effect radius:
5 - 3 pts
10 - 2 pts
20 - 1 pt

can shoot at rapid speeds, but extremely inaccurate (inaccuracy size 30)
reloads for 5 seconds and can shoot for 3 seconds
1 hit = 0.5 pts
2 hits = 1 pt
3 hits = 1 pt
(and so on and so on)

reload time 10 - 15 sec.
1 bullet = 5 pts
bullet is quick (3x normal bullet speed) and EXTREMELY turny (2x turny)

the trollicons

(none of these get you points)



(one time use)

have your turret shoot ghost-players
(slightly transparent)